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Oman Air Strengthen Protection Measures For Credit Card Users Via Its Website

Date: 14 Jul 2008
Oman Air ticket using internet

In an effort to serve our customers better, Oman Air launched its web sales in July 2006. Ever since, this service has received an over whelming response as it allows a customer to purchase Oman Air ticket using internet and credit card at any time and anywhere. Hamad Saif Hilal al Harthy, senior manager of reservations and global distribution of Oman Air stated, that it was then observed that some individuals opted to misuse this facility and make easy money by selling tickets to the public using credit cards which do not belong to them. By the time this practice was noticed, the airline had run into a few losses.

Immediately Al Harthy said, Oman Air deployed preventive measures both at booking level and at airports. Software was procured to carry out verification of all web bookings and follow up with customer contacts. Check-in procedures were tightened at airports on suspected bookings. Few passengers tried to board Oman Air flights from Dubai, Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow etc, with similar fraudulent tickets they purchased from unknown persons in public, but were identified. The matter is being further investigated by law enforcement officials pending legal action.

 Oman Air

Senior manager of reservations and global distribution of Oman Air requested all Oman Air’s valued customers to take extra caution and purchase their tickets directly from Oman Air Web -, Oman Air offices or authorized agents. Purchasing tickets from unknown people or agents for marginal less cost may lead them into problems.

During a function held at Golden Tulip on Thursday 26th June 2008 attended by staff from stations as well as management team, Mr Al Harthy complemented all staff for the well done job, furthermore urged them to be more vigilant on any suspected tickets issued fraudulently.

In conclusion, Oman Air gave advice to all credit card holders, to keep their credit card in a safe and secured place. Loss of card or credit card information should be reported to the issuing bank / Card Company immediately, to avoid fraudsters using them to purchase in the web. They confirm eagerness as to guide its esteemed customers on correct procedures including those who may wish to procure tickets from the web either for their family members and/or friends. For any clarification you can contact Oman Air offices, or 24/7 call centre in Muscat on +968-24707222.

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