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Oman Air, A Strategic Tie-Up With India’s Spicejet

Date:18 June 2007

Since its pullout from Gulf Air over a month ago, and based on the ambitious plans adopted by Oman Air to fly higher to meet its future expansion strategies, the airline has added, four new destinations up to now which are, Abu Dhabi in the UAE, Chittagong in Bangladesh and Indian destinations Lucknow and Jaipur, furthermore added two more new aircraft to its fleet. To guarantee implementing such strategies and to provide the company with augmented experience especially in the field of aircrew, Oman Air signed strategic agreement with the well-known Indian Airline Spice Jet to provide the company with pilots

Boeing 737-800

Corporate Communication and Media Department in Oman Air affirmed that the national carrier of the Sultanate of Oman realizes that business challenges of the future will be increasingly complex and difficult. Aviation business demands excellence and innovation, and to cope with the company’s future expansion strategies, Oman Air has designated a group of young dynamic school leavers to undergo full Joint Aviation Authority Airline Transport Pilots License at Atlantic Flight Training Ltd in UK. Out of these, four have already completed their training in UK, and are currently attending Oman Air’s Ground School to get the type rating, and convert their Licenses to Omani Licenses. This come under the guidance of His Majesty the Sultan’s directives to give Omani youth adequate opportunities, recruiting and training them within the private sector, and the national carrier of the Sultanate of Oman commitment, towards preparing and qualifying Oman nationals to work within the field of aviation.

Captain Hamed Al Jabry, Senior Manager-Line Operations in Oman Air said, “Until Omani Cadet Pilots are ready to take the skies, Oman Air was recently in India looking for a partner, who can provide us with quality and well trained quality Boeing 737 pilots. Following a brief visit to India and meeting with SpiceJet Ltd chairman and CEO Siddhanta Sharma, and Executive Vice President-Flight Operations, Captain Dhillon Jati, Spice Jet, a leading airline in India was the airline that Oman Air has preferred to partner with, since being the ideal to provide the company with qualified pilots. We did inter into a strategic tie-up with SpiceJet after an extensive and careful inspection. Their pilots will fly with Oman Air on a contract basis for a period of one year,” He added.

Boeing 737-800

He acknowledged that this was with ease accomplished, due to the keenness and effort of Spice Jet, to provide their first officers with international exposure through Oman Air’s extensive network, whereby they will go back with relevant and rich flying experience that would be almost efficient to promote them as captains with Spice Jet. The agreement we entered with Spice Jet would result in providing us with. The first batch of six first officers of Spice Jet would reach Muscat soon.

Corporate Communication and Media Department concluded, “Oman Air will continue its effort to improve its services and to provide safe comfortable and reliable air transportation services. Through those efforts, the carrier succeeded in improving its performance in the areas of on-time departures, load factors, and yield. The company has been returned to a position of cash flow and operating profit. Consequently, Oman Air is determined to improve its quality in all aspects of the company's activities. Through these efforts, it is our earnest expectation that Oman Air will remain a source of great national pride for Oman, and that we will continue to be one of respected airlines worldwide.

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