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Oman Air Staff Receive IATA Diploma in Revenue Accounting and Control

Date: 12 Mar 2012

oman Air's Chief Executive Officer, Wayne Pearce, has presented the airline's revenue accounting staff with IATA Diplomas in Revenue Accounting and Control

The Official Airline positioning takes the sponsorship by the Sultanate of Oman's national carrier to a higher, enhanced level. Oman Sail has had significant success in the Extreme Sailing Series over the last two years.

The diplomas were awarded following a series of intensive training courses, delivered by IATA Training, which covered Basic Passenger Fares and Ticketing, Passenger Revenue Control (Initial level), Advanced Passenger Proration and Passenger Interline Accounting and Control. 23 Revenue Accounting staff attended the courses, in which the majority were young Omani nationals.

Wayne Pearce commended the diploma graduates on their achievement, saying:
""We would like to congratulate everyone from Oman Air's revenue accounting team who has attained this qualification, and to thank them for their hard work and commitment.

"With the introduction of electronic ticketing, there have been considerable changes in IATA tariff and ticketing rules and it is vital that our staff understand and reflect those changes in their day-to-day work. The diplomas that our staff have achieved confirm that their knowledge and skills are of the highest standard and each member of the team will play an important role in ensuring Oman Air's continuing success."

IATA trainers conducted the courses in two batches of five days each, between April and September 2011, and each course was timed to minimize disruption to the operation of Oman Air's Revenue Section. Course materials were provided by IATA and Oman Air provided the training facilities, as well as the travel and accommodation for the trainers.

Wayne Pearce added:
"The success of these courses and the outstanding achievements of our Revenue Accounting staff underline Oman Air's commitment to delivering the highest quality in all aspects of our operations, and to investing in the career development of all our employees.

"Oman Air's appointment of IATA further demonstrates our determination that our staff should benefit from the best available training and support.

"The depth of knowledge provided by IATA's trainers, combined with a range of practical exercises, have increased understanding of a number of new concepts and have helped our staff to gain new perspectives and perform more effectively. We are very proud of what every member of the Revenue Accounting team has achieved."

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