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Oman Air Sponsors The Third World Conference For Oncology In Salalah.

Date: 20 Aug 2007

Oman Air has recently sponsored the third World conference of Oncology held at Hilton hotel-Salalah during the period from 15-17 August 2007. This comes inline with the national carrier of the Sultanate of Oman belief in the role posed by such conferences, which aims to disseminate health awareness of cancer among various segments of society, educate citizens about the disease and the importance of early detection through such workshops and lectures, for the protection of   future generations.

In this context, Mr. Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Amry Regional Manager Sales - Salalah said that, Oman Air is always eager to contribute in supporting such forums based on its national obligation towards the society. Sponsoring this conference was necessary, as it represents important endeavors aimed towards the great efforts against cancer in the course of public awareness and cooperation with health authorities. This conference, which was attended by many specialists, scientists, doctors and lecturers, has resulted in significant gains and new method in the treatment of cancer. On behalf of Oman Air, Mr Al Amry aspired that this conference will contribute to sustain the development of cancer scientific researches; also disseminate health awareness for the prevention of cancer causes.

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Corporate Communications & Media Department of Oman Air stated that Oman, under the wise leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, has accomplished astonishing achievements and enhanced the health and well being of all the people of Oman, by ensuring the availability of comprehensive health services throughout the Sultanate by protecting and promoting the health of the people in their bid to achieve a better quality of life. They noted that the fight against cancer is a common world challenge, and the Sultanate has the same dimensions in this regard. The department also said that the National Oncology Centre at Royal Hospital built at a cost of RO 7 million, which serve as an extension of the Royal Hospital for treatment of pediatric and adult cancer patients, is an advanced quantum leap in health services in Oman. The World Health Organisation's Report 2000 placed Oman as the World Number One in terms of health system efficiency and utilisation of financial resources, and eighth in terms of overall health care.

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The Department concluded saying that Omani citizens today, receive excellent service from an efficient, integrated health system that has been praised by international bodies including the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, and the United Nations Development Fund. Sponsoring this happening is considered as recognition of the immense efforts made by the concerned bodies in Oman engaged in the development of research and provision of continuing medical education in the country, noting that health awareness and control of cancer hazards is necessary to protect current and future generations and human resources, whom are most precious factor. As a national carrier, we have realized the importance of joining hands with all bodies in the country as well as civil societies' organizations for preservation and care of the human resources at all levels. Oman Air is fully aware of the importance of such conferences, affirming its commitment to support such important trends along with the concerned bodies. 

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