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Oman Air signs Agreement With Switzerland’s SR Technics For Technical Services

Date: 26 June 2007

Oman Air has recently signed an agreement with SR Technics to carry out the overhaul / repair services on the landing gear assembly on the B737NG fleet. SR Technics today, is the largest independent technical solutions provider in the world, with capabilities covering most Airbus and Boeing aircraft types.

Boeing 737-800

Eng. Abdullah Bin Burham Ba Omar Sr. Manager - Planning & Production Control said, “In aviation, the undercarriage or landing gear is the structures (usually wheels) that supports an aircraft and allows it to move across the surface of the Earth when it is not flying. Airplanes require landing gear for taxiing, takeoff, and landing. Aircraft’s landing gear is, of course, essential to safety and requires regular maintenance and repair.”

“Initially the contract will cover six aircrafts that will be due at different timings starting from fist quarter of 2009 until the last quarter of 2011. To facilitate the overhaul schedule programme SRT will provide to Oman Air a loan set of landing gear assembly during the phase of the overhaul work. The overhaul work of the landing gears will be carried out at SRT facility located at Dublin Airport, Ireland. It is worth to mention that this agreement will also provide the necessary training requirements and any other required expertise to Oman Air Engineering personnel to carry out the removal and installation of the lading gears from B737NG fleet,” he further added. 

Corporate Communications and Media Department saying that SR Technics is one of the world’s leading independent providers of technical services for the civil aviationsector. With its headoffice at Zurich Airport, SR Technics provides its services through an extensive network of internationaloperations and sales offices in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. About 500 airline customers currentlyentrust some 750 aircraft, 300 engines, and 78,000 components a year to its care. The company has aworkforce of around 5,300 employees.A consortium owns SR Technics from the United Arab Emirates composed of MubadalaDevelopment, Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE), and Istithmar, which acquired the company in November2006.

Boeing 737-800

Corporate Communications and Media Department included that: “Being fully aware of its status and its responsibilities as the flag carrier of the Sultanate, Oman Air considers flight safety and service quality as two integral aspects in the success of its operations. Oman Air, which is continuously growing every day has always given the top priority to flight safety, whereby initiated the process of becoming included within the IOSA Program, which introduces the standard of high Operational Safety Level among the IATA member airlines, and has successfully passed from the audits applied by the independent audit organization. Oman Air has the unique honor of becoming the 24th airline among the list of some 250 IATA members who has successfully completed the IOSA audit.

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