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Oman Air Selects Trent 700 Engines To Power Its New Fleet

Date: 02 Jan 2008

Oman Air, the national airline of the Sultanate of Oman, has selected Trent 700 engines to power its new fleet of five purchased

Oman Air

and two new-leased Airbus A330 aircraft. The value of the business, including a Total Care long-term services agreement, is $460 million at list prices, with deliveries due to begin in 2009.

Ziad Karim Al-Haremi, Chief Executive Officer of Oman Air, said, “Selection of the Rolls-Royce engine represents the beginning of a new relationship for Oman Air with Rolls-Royce on this

Mr. Ziad Bin Karim Al Haremi

important fleet of aircraft. The Trent 700 has significant presence in the Middle East, and we consider its performance, reliability, and operational flexibility as important factors in the selection of our first widebody engine, and the market leadership of the Trent 700 in the region gave us the comfort that it is the right choice for us.”

He said, Trent 700 has logged over 5.4 million hours in service, and our decision came down to the suitability of the aircraft with our long-term strategy to operate an efficient and reliable fleet with proven operating costs. The Trent 700 is clearly the best solution for our A330 fleet. Its outstanding reliability and operational flexibility mean it does not limit the routes that our aircraft can operate, giving our passengers maximum choice. Trent 700 - the global market leader on the A330 with more than 50 per cent share of orders - also has a strong Middle East footprint. It powers 77 per cent of A330 take-offs in the region. The engine Al Haremi said is also the quietest and cleanest option for the aircraft.

Oman Air Engineering Division gave notice that a programme of continuous improvement by Rolls-Royce involving the introduction of the latest Trent family technology to the Trent 700, will ensure increased benefits to customers, such as the lowest fuel burn of any engine on the aircraft. Other improvements include extended times between overhaul, up from 30,000 hours to 36,000 hours and a better mechanical design to reduce life-cycle costs. They affirmed that Trent 700 engine is the only engine on the A330 that has been specifically designed for the aircraft, resulting in better lifetime performance, reliability, and maintenance costs. It is the most powerful engine for the A330, longest life engine for the A330, and quietest engine for the A330, best take-off, and climb performance, also best thrust to weight ratio for the A330. Trent 700 is the quietest and cleanest option on the A330, with the greatest margin to CAEP 4 legislation. In conclusion, Corporate Communication And Media Department of Oman Air notified that every 40 seconds a Trent 700-powered A330 takes off or lands. The Total Care offered by Rolls-Royce, in which Oman Air will advantage from as per the long-term services agreement, is tailored for individual operators, and offers a range of services from Rolls-Royce covering all aspects of asset management in support of its Civil Aerospace products. Building on the company’s knowledge, experience, and infrastructure, these services include elements such as predictive maintenance, logistics management, and global repair and overhaul offerings. Total Care can remove uncertainties from engine management and improve operational reliability for operators

Mr. Ziad Bin Karim Al Haremi

through a mutually aligned business relationship. It has achieved significant commercial success, being the launch engine for all three 787 variants, the A380 and A350. The Department said that Trent 700 has captured 41 per cent of the market on the Airbus A330, and that sales of the Trent family of engines have made Rolls-Royce the second biggest supplier of large civil   turbofans after General Electric.

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