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Oman Air Sales Action Plan 2010 Growth and Innovations at Large

Date: 28 Jan 2010
Abdulrazaq Al Raisi

TThe Oman Air Sales team is all geared to usher in innovative measures and selling techniques for 2010.

Having closed the previous year with successful growth figures within an environment in recession, Oman Air is looking at setting a new record this year now that the global travel sector is poised for Recovery. Oman Air will be looking to achieve a competitive edge through a combination of service and destination choices.

Abdulrazaq Al Raisi, General Manager Worldwide Sales, Oman Air said that the recently concluded Sales Objective and Strategy Meeting held for three different regions highlighted a paradigm shift from the conventional approach to sales strategies.

Alraisi said:

"The three-day meeting was held for the three main regions namely, Europe, Asia Pacific and Gulf Middle East and Africa. The Country Managers and District Sales Managers of the respective countries and cities attended the meeting, which was an intense interactive session that discussed the various strategies, plans and projected results for 2010."

Among the various strategies discussed and decided to be put in action for this year were increased brand awareness, reduction in cost of sale, integration of sales and marketing planning, growth of premium leisure and development of sales personnel. Other focus areas of discussions were the identification of new channels of distribution as well as ensuring operating within the budget at constant cost.

Elaborating further, Abdulrazaq Alraisi said:

"2009 witnessed a milestone in the transformation of Oman Air. A new fleet was inducted; new destinations were added, thus providing us with a whole new and extensive platform to build on the sales plan. The first and foremost goal in our plan will be to create an increased and positive awareness to our product offerings in all the markets that Oman Air reaches. With increased brand visibility that will also integrate the sales and marketing plan of each market and their requirements, we can certainly boost the sales. With the opening of new destinations, there has arisen a need to address a very prominent market segment which is the premium and leisure market. In addition to Oman Air’s hospitality and exemplary service besides our expanding network, we plan to tap this market fully. Last but not the least, we have a well-motivated staff whose skills are honed further through tailor-made training designed specifically for the Oman Air sales team. This will continue this year as well, as we continue to go through a rapid expansion mode."

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