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Oman Air Recognizes Staff at Long Service Award Ceremony

Date: 05 Jul 2011

OUTSTANDING achievements and years of dedication were recognized at Oman Air's annual long service award ceremony. The event further re-enforced the important role of the staff to the overall success of the company.

Oman Air, the National Carrier of Oman, honored the long-standing employees who have completed 15 years in the service of the company, in a special celebration held at Golden Tulip Hotel Seeb under the auspices of Peter Hill, CEO of Oman Air and in the presence of members of the senior management. It has been Oman Air's tradition to hold such a ceremony as appreciation and encouragement of its staff to enhance their performance and output, and in recognition of their faith and devotion to hard work.

Oman Air Recognizes Staff at Long Service Award Ceremony

Peter Hill thanked the long service staff for their sincere efforts throughout their past service. Certificates of recognition and appreciation prizes were awarded.

Peter Hill said:

"These awards are not so much for long service anymore, but as a reward for loyalty. Loyalty and dedication are the keys to the success of any organisation. The long years put in by these staff is an ample proof of the conducive working environment provided by Oman Air. We understand the value and importance of the human resource and will continue to enhance the facilities and incentives as tools of motivation to our staff. This ceremony itself is an evidence of Oman Air's efforts to ensure our employees are recognized and appreciated for their efforts. I want to congratulate the recipients for demonstrating faith in the company, and standing by it through thick and thin"

Oman Air Recognizes Staff at Long Service Award Ceremony

Sheikh Ahmed Al Nabhani, Chief Officer Support Services said:

"Oman Air has witnessed a significant expansion and has earned the global reputation as a leading airline that offers best services and products. The achievements that Oman Air has earned have all been due to the dedication and hard work of its employees. We salute the efforts of our staff, especially our long-standing colleagues, for their sincere effort in making Oman Air a truly global phenomenon."

Al Nabhani also added:

"We are hopeful that this ceremony, held to honour the employees who have been with us for over fifteen years in the service, will encourage and motivate other employees as well. Oman Air has ambitious plans and long-term strategies for the development of its human resources. We will continue forward with our plans to train staff and provide the support required to help them perform their jobs to the best of their capabilities."

Oman Air Recognizes Staff at Long Service Award Ceremony

On behalf of the members of staff that were honoured, Saleh bin Abdullah Zadjali Senior Manager Training & Development Center, thanked the senior management of Oman Air on their goodwill gesture.

"This celebration proves the management's care and appreciation for its employees who began their career with the company and played a vital role in Oman Air's expansion and the status that it is enjoying today. This event we are sure will raise the morale of the honored staff as well as encourage the rest and motivate them to work hard."

Around 520 employees were honoured on this occasion.

Sheikha Bint Ali Alamry, Customer Service and Grooming Supervisor thanked the management on behalf of Customer Services, pointing out the valuable support given by the management, which helped staff perform duties in the best possible manner, resulting in Oman Air winning many awards and accolades vying with leading international airlines.

Oman Air Recognizes Staff at Long Service Award Ceremony Oman Air Recognizes Staff at Long Service Award Ceremony

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