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Oman Air Reaffirms Its Commitment to Women in the Work Place

Date: 23 Oct 2013
Oman Air Reaffirms Its Commitment to Women in the Work Place

To coincide with Omani Women’s Day on 17th October 2013, Oman Air has reaffirmed its commitment to supporting, empowering and promoting women in the workplace.

The national carrier of the Sultanate of Oman pursues a proactive policy of recognising talented and qualified women and providing the appropriate levels of support to assist them in excelling within their chosen careers. The women staff strength of the airline currently stands at more than 30%, representing a range of roles, including cabin crew, flight operations, engineering, airport management, airport services, marketing, customer services, sales and communications.

Oman Air’s positive approach to the employment and career development of women is, in line with His Majesty Sultan Qaboos’s directives regarding the empowerment of women, mirrored in broader Omani society. The country is now recognised as one of the Gulf region’s leading supporters of gender equality.

Oman Air’s Chief Executive Officer, Wayne Pearce, comments:

“For some time, Oman Air has been in the vanguard of recognising the talent, experience and commitment that women offer within the field of employment. We have worked hard to ensure that their contributions and achievements are recognised and that barriers to progress are removed. As a result, women are making a vital contribution, in every area of our operations, to Oman Air’s ongoing success and are increasingly taking up positions at highest levels of management, both at Oman Air and with subsequent employers.

“It is therefore a pleasure and an honour on this Omani Women’s Day to reaffirm our commitment to employing women throughout Oman Air, to thank the many women who have contributed so much to Oman Air’s success, and to welcome those women who have just joined us.”

One employee who has seen Oman Air emerge as an acclaimed international carrier following its time as a regional airline is Jamila Al Hassani Staff Travel Manager, Commercial Unit. She comments:

“I have worked with Oman Air for more than 20 years and in that time I have seen it undergo many changes, not least in terms of the number of women it employs and the positions they now occupy within the company’s structure. When I first started, there were few women on the payroll and they were mainly employed as flight attendants. Now, of course, there are still a lot of women employed as flight attendants, but there are also women in key positions throughout the company, playing a really important role in Oman Air’s success. It makes me really proud, both as a woman and as a member of Oman Air’s staff, and the example being set for younger women is incredibly positive.”

Engineer Alia Al Qalam, Assistant Manager, Development Engineering, Oman Air, adds:

“Oman Air’s very positive approach to women’s employment and career progression makes for a stimulating workplace in which I know that my contribution will be recognised. I am ambitious and hope to rise to the very top of the business, and the support and experience that Oman Air provides, together with the very positive attitude of the airline’s management, is a superb foundation for my future progress.”

Pilot, Maha Masti, within Oman Air’s Flight Operation Unit says:

“It is an exciting time to be working at Oman Air, as the airline is currently undergoing rapid expansion. New aircraft, new routes and new products and services are being introduced all the time and this creates a positive, motivating atmosphere in which women can really make their mark and advance in their careers.”

Tawhida Al Kindy, Hygiene Manager, Oman Air Catering – Airport Services Unit, says:

“As an employer, Oman Air has provided all the facilities and support that women need to succeed at work. And, as the airline continues to expand, with new routes and codeshares being regularly launched, there are increasing opportunities to see the world, work internationally and meet new staff. These opportunities are invaluable, on both personal and professional levels, and Oman Air has given me a window on the world that I might never otherwise have had.”

One of Oman Air’s most recent recruits is Maryam Hamad Ali Al Harthy, who started work as Lounge Manager, Airport Services, VIP Lounge, just a short while ago. She concludes:

“Coming to work at Oman Air is the first step in fulfilling my ambitions. Oman Air is clearly making a great impression on the international air travel scene, with new aircraft, new destinations and countless awards being received. It is also recognised as a great place for women to work, as the training, career development and opportunities for promotion are open to everyone and are decided on talent and ability, rather than gender. Not only does that mean that I have the chance to really advance my career, but it also makes it a pleasure to work here. The atmosphere is positive and energetic and you are very much encouraged to fulfil your potential. I look forward to many happy years here at Oman Air, and to getting to the highest levels of the organisation.”

Oman Air’s commitment to employing and supporting women in the workplace is part of a broader human resources strategy for recognising the skills, abilities, commitment and contributions of all staff, regardless of their backgrounds. This has seen positive action being taken to offer employment opportunities to appropriately qualified and experienced Omani citizens, both men and women, throughout the organisation. More than 66% of Oman Air’s employees across its network of 43 global destinations are now Omani.

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