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Oman Air To Reach New Heights With Tejari

Oman Air has moved to increase the efficiency of its procurement operations and reduce its trading costs through a groundbreaking partnership with Tejari, the Middle East’s online marketplace.

Oman Air, the national  carrier of the Sultanate of Oman, has become one of the first companies to utilize Tejari Strategic Procurement Services, and will also benefit from Tejari’s state-of-the-art B2B marketplace. Oman Air executives are particularly attracted to the market reach and transparency of Tejari’s online auction process, and the expertise of the company’s advisors.

“Oman Air’s core attributes are punctuality, professionalism and service excellence, and Tejari’s fast, intuitive consulting service is set to enhance these attributes by keeping us informed of the latest opportunities for agreements and acquisitions, and providing an insightful, long-term overview of our future growth,” said  Mr Abdulrahman Al Busaidy, Chief Executive Officer  Oman Air.

Oman Air’s young fleet has quickly carved a world-class reputation, and now covers 18 international and two domestic destinations.

“Oman Air ensures the fairness and transparency of its procurement practices, and Tejari’s online marketplace optimizes these values. Our partnership with Tejari will also help us ensure that we’re offering opportunities to a range of trading partners locally, regionally and on a global level,” Mr Abdulrahman Al Busaidy, Chief Executive Officer continued.

Tejari launched its procurement consulting services at the end of May, claiming that more effective supplier management, and strategic sourcing, can save regional businesses anywhere from 5 to 15 percent of their procurement costs, which drop straight to the bottom line and positively affect profit.

Such savings have been demonstrated by businesses across the region. Having already established customer relationships with other leading airlines Tejari will bring its experience of the airline industry to bear in this partnership.

“Our partnership with Oman Air will greatly benefit both parties. While Oman Air will gain a strategic, experienced overview to help them plan their future growth along rational business lines, Tejari will gain a major expansion in its profile across Oman, and enhance its association with youthful, ambitious businesses,” said Hani Obeid, Director of Sales & Business Development of Tejari.

Tejari’s strategic procurement services are just part of a raft of innovative new facilities with which the online pioneer is furnishing its members. Tejari is now sending free SMS message alerts to customers and updates to supply trading partners with information on specific industries, auctions and tenders, with members able to tailor the messages they receive according to the nature of their business.

“Our strategic procurement service, and our SMS service, are both uniquely angled to the individual needs of each client. Tejari is fully-equipped to provide bespoke advice to customers according to their budget and the market in which they operate, and so provide vital, industry-specific advice,” Added Saqib Iqbal, Tejari Chief Operating Officer.

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