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Oman Air Raises The Minimum Basic Salary For 400 Of Its Omani Staff

Date: 16 Mar 2007
Boeing 737-800

In accordance with the Ministry of Manpower guidelines with regards to increasing the minimum wages for the Omani workforce in the private sector to RO 120 per month. Oman Air, the National Carrier has taken a step towards accomplishing this procedure.

Commenting on this issue, Sheikh Ahmed bin Hemyar Al Nabhani, Senior Manager Human Resources stated that the Company has always supported and apprehends the initiatives to implement all Government measurements with the sole aim of developing and improving the national cadre in the private sector. He emphasized the fact that such assessments are considered as the basis for the labor policies applied in the Company.

Senior Manager Human Resource added, this decision will positively contribute to the development of the national labor force and consequently improve its performance, together with attaining awareness to all companies and establishments to be relevant with such initiatives being of importance to the nation and citizens. He pointed out that 400 employees, in various divisions and department of the company, has benefited from the new amendment which took effect as of March 1, 2007. This number represents 18% from the total number of 2207 staff comprising the Omani employees. He added that the hike in basic salary is considered a good motivator, and that patience, reliability and faithfulness to the job lead to an increased earnings figure that meet prolific workers’ aspirations.

Corporate Communications and Media Department commented on the occasion saying that raising minimum wages ensures a sensible existence for the lower earning groups in the society and intend to conserve their human dignity, provide a decent standard of living for workers and their families to in some way, bring about meanings of compassion among people. This legislation will undoubtedly encourage national cadre to enroll in private sector, furthermore contribute to their development through the coordination and cooperation between the three parties the Ministry, employers and the employees through focusing on training programs, which would raise the efficiency and productivity of them. In return this would contribute to towards the country’s progression and economy by its nationals, without the need to abandon their jobs in seek for better opportunities, since the work system is uniform after extensive study.

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