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Oman Air Participates In Sponsoring The 8th Arab Children’s Forum

Children being vital to the nation’s present and its future furthermore, to support in ensuring that they have the opportunities that they need to fulfill their potential. Oman Air in aspiration with the government’s intentions took the initiative in sponsoring the eighth Arab Children’s Forum organised by the Ministry of Social Development in coordination with the Arab league and the UNICEF office in Muscat, during the period   4 to 8 November, whilst a Child Festival will also be celebrated from 7 to 12 November in Muscat, the Arab Cultural Capital 2006.

Corporate Communication and Media Department in Oman Air Said “Oman Air contributed by flying to Muscat the Lebanese children and their attendants, making possible their partaking in this important assembly. Also, we as well flied to Muscat the Omani children from Salalah and Musandam. It is the first time that a children's occasion on such a big extent was being organised in Oman, due to the increasing awareness among all concerned authorities about the significance of generating the role of children and, we being the national carrier of the Sultanate assessed the necessity of contributing.”

“Children are considered as one of the most important segments of the society, and the vital need is to offer them a promising future. This will surely reinforce children's bond with Arab culture, values, entity and explore various means to develop Omani children’s intellectual abilities.” They added

They concluded saying, “Children have begun to be recognized not only for who they are today but also for their future role in the society. As a Nation, as parents, and as community members, we have a responsibility to build a secure and nurturing society so that our children have the opportunity to grow, learn, work, and succeed. With a firm foundation, children will be better able to face the challenges of the future. We have to broaden their experiences, and dedicate our efforts to their welfare and the full development of their potential. The occasion will draw attention to the efforts made by government and non-government institutions in Arab countries to promote children's welfare”.

Boeing 737-800

The forum will discuss five main topics: health and adolescence, school health, nutrition, child labor and children’s rights beside, field visits to key areas in Muscat Governorate, Nizwa and Jibreen fort in Bahla. The two events are part of celebrations marking the designation of Muscat as Arab Cultural Capital 2006.

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