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Oman Air The Official Carrier Of The Sixth Dhofar Cultural Forum 2008

Date: 22 Apr 2008

Ministry of Heritage and Culture represented by Directorate General of Heritage and Culture at Dhofar Governorate Honored the national carrier of the Sultanate of Oman "Oman Air" for its part sponsoring The Sixth Dhofar Cultural Forum 2008 aiming at revitalizing cultural and art activities in general, by expanding the participation to include most of the wilayats within the Governorate, which bestowed with great joy and momentum by public. The event that lasted for one full month and has succeeded in attracting a large number of public.

In this context, Mr. Ahmed bin Mohammed Alamry, regional director of sales in Dhofar Governorate said, despite the steady international growth and operations witnessed by the national carrier of Oman, however the airline spares no efforts to contribute in sponsoring such important forums which stimulates cultural and traditional activities of our beloved country. The region is witnessing major investments in the field of tourism depending upon the natural resources and the human factor that represents large and vital diversifications in the governorate that characterized by unique and viable tourist potentials, including all natural environments. Al Amry confirmed that sponsoring the occasion by the national carrier of Oman comes in line the developed company’s policy aiming towards contributing to key events at all levels that would further boost growth and development in Oman. The forum intended to publicize the city that is distinguished by unique tourist attractions in sequence with the plans of the concerned parties, to introduce the advantages of Dhofar which made it a throughout the year destination for tourists and not only during the autumn season. This is also in addition to the tireless efforts by the concerned authorities to highlight all sightseeing locations in Oman.

Al Amry added, the forum which spanned over 30 days in number of wilyats in Dhofar managed to reflect some of the popular heritage and cultural activities which included exhibitions, seminars and various lectures in addition to theatrical and film performances as well as workshops. The implementation of these events is taken place in cooperation with the elite of intellectuals and high-level figures from the Arab world, also individuals concerned in culture, in order to coordinate efforts to improve services and upgrade the community in this regard.

Al Amry concluded by saying, based on Oman Air sustained role to participate in various events in Dhofar, we must, by all means, emphasizes here the most popular, and main event that is Salalah tourism festival that coincides with the extraordinary Khareef climate, to be held annually at the Municipality Recreational Centre. Oman Air contributes annually in Khareef festival as official carrier and main sponsor. This is derived from the airline principle of its importance and positive role-played in promoting the tourism sector and stimulating the flow of tourists to Dhofar from within and outside Oman.

Corporate Communications and Media of Oman Air concluded by saying that Oman Air has established multiple channels of communication with various government and private bodies for the success of various events and gatherings that are held on the territory of the sultanate, therefore Oman Air name is coupled with most major events, and forefront Muscat and Salalah Festivals. 

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