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Oman Air The Official Carrier Of Muscat Festival 2009

Date: 13 Jan 2009

The marvels Oman famously known as one of the most peaceful and attractive holiday destinations in the Middle East welcomes tourists round the globe to Muscat Festival 2009. The festival to be held during the period from 19 January to February 12 celebrates Oman’s traditional arts, culture, and heritage while providing visitors fun, adventure, excitement, and entertainment. The activities included are oriented to attract visitors from all over the world, especially with its international exhibits of art and handicraft, poetry sessions, plays, children’s programs, sports and musical concerts. Oman Air will be sponsoring Oman's major cultural showcase as the Official Carrier to the event. Muscat Festival is regarded as the biggest cultural extravaganza in the region that attracts visitors from far and wide, hence the different venues earmarked for the Festival, appeals to the citizens and residents alike.

Commenting on Oman Air's participation in Muscat Festival 2009, Oman Air’s Corporate Communications and Media Department stated that it was indeed a great occasion to be part of the biggest festival in the country as well as the region. "Oman Air takes an active role in promoting the tourism potential of the Sultanate, and we are proud to be part of this festival which in every way projects the historical and cultural richness of our beloved Oman. It is a festival well-marked with attendance from international tourists," they said.

“Muscat Festival, they affirmed became one of the city's signature events in the cultural sphere, also plays a significant part in boosting Oman’s tourism and hospitality industry. It is definitely a unique showcase for Oman’s distinctive Arabian cultural heritage. We are in no doubt that the event would attract more people to come, and enjoy the spirit of the celebration also the festivities," They said.

The Corporate Communications and Media Department of Oman Air highlighted that Muscat Festival which has been running since 1998, is getting more popular with every edition. "The Festival plays a prominent role in boosting the Sultanate’s tourism furthermore showcases Oman's distinctive Arabian cultural heritage they added. Oman Air regional offices abroad are very active in promoting Muscat Festival around the world, through promotional campaigns and attractive packages offered to the tourist and travellers during the Festival time. This enables us to reach a wider segment of people."

They further added that Oman Air will set up a stall at the main venue, Al Qurum Natural Park, to highlight its products and services. Considering the continuous success of the festival, there cannot be a better opportunity for Oman Air to display its unique products and services to a potential, captive audience.

Today, the festival has carved a niche that makes it a brand name of Oman. As always, we will be revving up our experience in top quality travel and leisure services at this festivity. Our constant contributions we believe will play a major role in attracting visitors from GCC, Middle East and Europe same wise.


Oman Air’s Corporate Communications and Media concluded saying that Oman is the ultimate dream destination. A visit to Oman is a rewarding also a rich experience for those who enjoy an eye-opening mixture of culture and history, with an unforgettable exploration of the great outdoors on the fringe of the greatest adventure. It's a country of vastly differing geography: there are spectacular mountains, crystal clear fjords, vast deserts, pristine beaches, story-book oases, legendary forts and, most bizarre, hillsides which turn green overnight when the monsoon sweeps over the south in July. Discovering Oman is an adventure by itself and it will appeal to many, particularly to those who seek an unparalleled travel experience.

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