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Oman Air The Official Carrier Of Muscat Festival 2008

Date: 28 Jan 2008

Famously known as one of the most peaceful and attractive holiday destinations in the Middle East, the Sultanate of Oman welcomes tourists round the globe, throughout the year. Muscat, the capital of the Sultanate, is a perfect fusion of tradition and

Sultanate of Oman

modernity. Edged by  rugged mountainous landscape that fortifies the city and facing a shimmering azure blue sea it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, boasting of a well-developed infrastructure and civic amenities and offers plenty of attractions to both tourists and business travelers. Renowned as one of the prominent cradles of ancient civilization, Muscat has been known sine the 2nd Century AD as a strategic maritime centre linking Asia with Africa and Europe and is a city steeped in culture and tradition. One of the city's signature events in the cultural sphere is the “Muscat Festival”.

Commenting on this Festival, Oman Air’s Corporate Communications and Media Department stated that the Muscat festival, which has been running since 1998, is growing in popularity every year. The festival

Arabian cultural heritage

plays a significant part in boosting Oman’s tourism and hospitality industry and is a unique showcase for Oman’s distinctive Arabian cultural heritage.  Muscat was also designated in 2006 as the “Arab Cultural Capital”.

They further added, that being the National carrier of the Sultanate and the Official carrier of the Muscat Festival, Oman Air has set up a stall at the main venue, Al Qurum National Park, to highlight its products and services. Considering the continuous success of the festival, there cannot be a better opportunity for Oman Air to display its unique products and services to a potential, captive audience. Muscat Festival is, by far, the biggest event that represents Oman's legendary history, culture, and tradition attracting thousands of people from within and outside the Sultanate every year. Today, the festival has carved a niche that makes it a brand name of Oman. Oman Air has consistently supported the festival by giving huge discounts on air tickets, as well as promoting the event in overseas markets throughout its network. As always, we will be revving up our experience in top quality travel and leisure services at this festivity. This contribution, we believe, will play a major role in attracting visitors from GCC, Arabian and foreign countries to Oman.


Oman Air also supports the Festival since it is a very significant tool in building and supporting the country's flourishing tourism and hospitality industry. Oman Air’s Corporate Communications and Media Department reiterated.  Brochures, leaflets, and information on the Festival have been distributed for travel agents. In addition, Oman Air views special TV documentaries on its flights promoting this important event. Muscat, they affirmed, is the ultimate dream destination, and The Government along with the Muscat Municipality have ensured the availability of the most modern infrastructure and civic amenities that make every visitor feel at home in Muscat.

They concluded saying that Muscat Festival has attracted hordes of visitors from around the world and captured their imagination through eye-catching events and activities that have successfully highlighted the true essence of Oman. Sunny beaches, picturesque gardens, shimmering waterfalls, mystique-laden caves, magnificent wadis abounds Muscat in natural beauty and spectacular geographical diversity. A citadel of a colourful and glorious heritage. Muscat is home to towering forts, impressive castles, varied museums, traditional monuments and ancient gates that serve as everlasting memoirs of a golden past.

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