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Oman Air: Muscat And Salalah Khareef Festivals Oman’s Extra-ordinary Ambassador Around The World.

Date: 4 Aug 2007

Oman air continues to play an important role in boosting domestic tourism through its continued efforts promoting and sponsoring various forums and events held throughout Oman. One important event is Salalah Khareef Festival, which is an important festival that marks the commencement of the Khareef season. Khareef Festival held in Dhofar Governate encompasses many cultural, heritage and entertainment activities. Salalah has been the focus for thousands of tourists who are seeking refuge from the raging summer heat. Due to the exceptional natural phenomena, Dhofar is considered as one of the most arresting areas for tourists particularly in autumn, where the temperature ranges between 15 to 22 degrees Celsius.  

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Corporate Communications and Media Department in Oman Air said Khareef festival, which has become an awaited and renowned annual event reflects the efforts of various sectors and in the heart the aviation sector. However, the general trend is to make Oman an attractive hub of tourism and business all year round. The Department added by saying it is very important to ensure that the development of the country in this very important tourism sector is a natural evolution due to successive actions and initiatives undertaken by the government, in cooperation with the private sector. This is measured as an important element distinguishing Oman, and ensuring that all new projects witnessed in all areas are part of the ever-growing comprehensive vision with interdependent basics that cannot be dispensed. The importance of every element became evident and unavoidable. Muscat and Salalah festivals are considered a main part of the set, furthermore their role in the next phase will be mounting. We at Oman Air witness them becoming Oman’s extraordinary ambassadors around the world.

In this regard, Abdul Razak Bin Jumaa Alraisi, Senior Manager Sales in Oman Air stated that the national carrier of Oman plays a pivotal role in promoting Dhofar Governate in general and Salalah Khareef Festival in particular. This year, Oman Air is the Official Carrier, and a Diamond Sponsor for the festival and as in the past, has always contributed in sponsoring this event since inception. The National Carrier has offered several carefully tailored packages with sensible prices and affordable amenities for the visitors, making available many opportunities to enjoy the varied festival activities.

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This is yet another indication of Oman Air’s commitment towards reinforcing its stand and supports the Governments initiatives to position Oman as a major destination on the global tourism map. He went on to say, “We are pleased to note that Salalah Khareef is fast becoming one of the most successful events for shopping and entertainment in the region. In fact, The Festival has won the award of being the best festival in the Middle East for promoting family tourism, which was announced at the Conference on Efficiency of Strategic Management of Festivals held recently at the World Trade Center in Dubai.

provided promotional rates despite the fact that Khareef is the peak season. However, that contribution came from hotelsand other accommodation facilities, which offered competitive rates. Salalah hasindeed acquired a ceremonial character, and The Municipality Recreational Centre in valley "Attin" has welcomed Khareef as one of the most prominent elements in the event, due to the variety of artistic, cultural, sport, heritage, tourism, and social attractions that adds distinctive advantage enjoyed by all visitors and tourists in Dhofar, which is witnessing an overwhelming records of visitors daily. Dhofar is well known for its magical coasts like Raysut, Al Dahariz, Magsail, Taqa and Marbat as well as several water springs and caves such as Suhur cave, Ayn Hamran cave, Wadi Darbat caves, and Tawi Atayr sinkhole. This time of the year exudes an exceptional flavor as the area is turned into a place of enjoyment for one and all. Oman Air takes into account many factors to engrave and consolidate the image of Oman in the mind of all.

“To make available all conveniences for tourists in Dhofar, the official carrier of Salalah Khareef Festival linked the land of frankincense with many destinations by increasing the number of fights at this stage up to 38 flights a week, as at 32 flights from Muscat, 4 flights to and from Dubai and two from Kuwait. This comes parallel with the introduction of our summer schedule, which provides easy connectivity within its network. In addition, it contained an increase in the number of frequencies as at 39 weekly flights to Dubai, 7 flights to Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Lebanon, and Cairo, and 4 flights to Amman. In the meantime, we will prepare a special schedule, if operationally required. Aiming towards propping up domestic tourism, Oman Air has added two extra frequencies becoming 4 a week, to one of most stunningly beautiful and exotic destinations Khasab, the regional center of Musandam Governorate in is the northernmost part of Oman.” He concluded.

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