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Oman Air Marks Significant Increase In Passenger Uplift During The First Quarter 2008

Date: 11 May 2008

Oman Air said that during the first quarter of this year, the national carrier has uplifted 445923 passengers, compared to 297391 passengers last year, recording a substantial increase of 50% percentage over the same period last year.

Abdulrazaq Bin Juma Alraisi, Senior Manger Sales Oman Air said that this achievement was accomplished in spite of the sturdy competition within the aviation industry worldwide, and sales has grown considerably as at 103% due to the successful operational strategy and high quality services provided, in addition to the fleet efficacy and on time performance, in addition to the increase of Oman Air scheduled flights in the 1st quarter of this year that reach to 1860 flights as against 1373 flights in the same period in 2007.

Abdulrazaq Bin Juma Alraisi

The airline’s convenient connection flights between Oman and major destinations in the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent in particular and the world in general have assist in this regard. He mentioned that the nine destinations that were inaugurated during the past year facilitated impressively in increasing the number of passengers to Oman, conforming their feasibility as profitable routes, together with our other destinations, which play an the important role in promoting Oman as a distinguished tourist destination. We at Oman Air feel proud for successfully becoming a major international airline, what's more trusted by all its clients. Alraisi added that this is a vital period in the history of Oman Air, which is geared up for further growth with added outstanding accomplishments. We vow providing an exciting experience for all our valued travelers on board our flights that reaches too many destinations worldwide, thus establishing Oman Air as a major player in the region. He noted that the management is seeking to provide more distinct services, and increase destinations, with a view to make available more opportunities for passengers to discover new experiences with the new wings of Oman, enabling them to identify the ancient traditions, the deep-rooted heritage and the authentic Omani hospitality.

Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications & Media commented by saying, that the year 2008 witnessed a new era in the successful stride out of Oman Air after introducing the new slogan, in addition to the increase of the company's investment in employing more highly developed systems and programs as well as starting to modernize the company fleet by introducing more wide-bodied aircraft, to operate globally. Being the national carrier, Oman Air aspires at connecting the Sultanate with every country, culture, and people throughout the world. Oman Air sincere efforts are in progress to complete the necessary steps to inaugurate more destinations, and obtain suitable flight slots in international airports.

Oman Air CC&M added that the Company plans to increase its market share by strengthening promotion and improving its service quality, in addition to increasing its own marketing ability by raising the marketing awareness of its employees. They stated that the losses reported in the first quarter of the current year, in which were incurred because of the foremost expansion programs to make the airline competitive were predicted, noting that the company has reported profits surpassing 4 million Rials by the end of fiscal year 2007.

They concluded by affirming, that the placed strategies related to fleet expansion remains on the go, were the company fleet should consist of 15 Boeing 737/800 (at the end of January 2009) and seven Airbus 330 (a mixture of 200 and 300) to be delivered as from 2009. In addition, a commitment to six Boeing 787 Dreamliners to be delivered as from 2012 making Oman Air the first airline in the region to acquire this type of aircraft.

It is noteworthy that at the present, Oman Air operations take-off from its hub Muscat to 25 destinations, including 10 international destinations in the Middle East: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, Riyadh, Bahrain, Doha, Kuwait, Beirut, Cairo, and Amman. Also to 10 destinations in the Indian subcontinent: New Delhi, Mumbai, Kochi, Chennai, Trivandrum, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Jaipur; Karachi in Pakistan, Chittagong in Bangladesh, in addition to London in Europe and Bangkok in the Far East, in addition to internal flights to Salalah and Khasab. The two destinations Calcutta and Bangalore, India will be added during June of this year.

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