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Oman Air Leads Luxury Travel Fight-Back

Date: 2 Nov 2009

Oman Air, the national carrier of the Sultanate of Oman, is sponsoring a major luxury travel industry summit, to be held on Wednesday 4th November, at the InterContinental London Park Lane hotel.

The ttgluxury Seminar brings together key players in the luxury travel sector from throughout the UK to discuss the challenges and opportunities which currently face the industry. The theme of the event is “Creating and maintaining success in luxury travel” and speakers include representatives of Mastercard, Deloitte, The Future Laboratory and Cunard.

Oman Air’s Chief Executive Officer, Peter Hill, who will also be speaking at the event, says:

“As a luxury travel provider, Oman Air is passionate about understanding the market, finding new ways to do business and exceeding customers’ expectations. We are very pleased, therefore, to have the opportunity to support the ttgluxury Seminar. Here, all involved in the UK luxury travel market have the opportunity to analyse market trends, learn from each others’ experiences and develop smart new ways of doing business.

“The ttgluxury Seminar attracts the brightest and best from across the industry and the interaction between agents, suppliers and operators should be extremely fruitful.

“And, importantly, after a year or more of financial uncertainty and huge business challenge for the travel industry, this ttgluxury Seminar allows us all to look to the future and to focus on luxury travel’s fight-back.”

Editor of ttgluxury April Hutchinson adds:

“We are del ighted to have Oman Air as our Headl ine Sponsor. The airline is making a clear commitment to premium product and to the UK market and has recognised the value of being in front of key players in this sector, one which cont inues to see st rong sa les from t ravel lers determined to cont inue their t ravel plans.

“Ever-conscious of their business strategies, this is a group of premium travel professionals who see the value of gathering to assess the challenges and opportunities which exist in the sector. The past 12 months have been harsh but those who have come this far are clearly still running strong businesses and have had the courage to adapt to conditions. The ttgluxury Seminar celebrates them and facilitates a day of informative and inspiring sessions which will really help attendees continue to maintain a successful luxury travel business.”

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