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Oman Air A Lead Sponsor Of Oman Travel Market

Date: 17 Apr 2008

Oman Air the National carrier of the Sultanate has contributed as a lead Sponsor of Oman Travel Market, the Sultanate's inclusive event for promoting and marketing of inbound, outbound and intra-regional tourism.

corporate Communications

In this regard, Corporate Communications and Media of Oman Air said that Oman Travel Market without a doubt is the largest travel and tourism show in the Sultanate of Oman. It is an exclusive travel and tourism event representing a forum for travel and tourism related companies to popularize Adventure, Business, Leisure, and Responsible / Eco tourism also Real Estate Tourism among the Sultanate's traveler. The event is indeed a platform for Oman to display its tourism attractions. They stated that tourism in Oman will be increased in a manner, which is focused, sustainable, and in harmony with national interests. Oman's tourism potential is enormous and continues to grow. Oman Air wants to make sure that Oman is and continues to be a destination of choice with every world-class tourist and traveller. As a national carrier, we aim to assist in creating awareness and maximising tourist demand potential while minimising obstacles to tourism development. We believe that OTM is a good opportunity for Oman Air to unfold its new services, including tour packages to destinations on our network.

cultural heritage

They added that The Sultanate, as a country, has much to offer to the visitors: a rich cultural heritage, spectacular mountainous landscape and desert, some of the world’s finest beaches, the warmth and hospitality of the local people. Oman Air the flagship carrier of the Sultanate of Oman connects 25 destinations around the world, including two gateways in the Sultanate. Our offices located in different cities overseas they said, also act as tourist information centers, which help tourists to get necessary information. The airline is determent to contribute its share towards the development of trade and tourism in Oman through the provision of essential air transport.


Corporate Communications and Media of Oman Air notified that the past few years have seen a remarkable increase in investment in this sector. Public and private sectors have exceeded huge sums in various tourism areas. Outbound tourism is growing bigger every year, and in addition, development of tourism is one of the focus areas of the government of Oman as it creates job opportunities for the young Omanis. Domestic tourism will get a boost by the exhibition aiming to popularise and familiarise people with the destinations of the Sultanate, as Omani citizens and residents will come and get information about travel and tourism options available in the country, they further said.

They affirmed that Oman is a leading example of a country that has used its capital from oil and injected it into building the country's infrastructure to provide for its flourishing leisure and business tourism. Oman Air's Management recognizes its accountability towards the national economy in general and in the tourism sector in particular is essential. Oman offers a compelling sense of exploration and discovery, and The OTM has generated considerable interest at the regional as well as international level. The event offers a platform for the travel and tourism industry of both Oman and other countries, and we aim through our partaking to highlight our offerings moreover further develop international markets for Oman tourism.

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