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Oman Air Launches Anti-Credit Card Fraud Initiative

Date: 28 July 2015
Oman Air Launches Anti-Credit Card Fraud Initiative

Oman Air has announced the launch of a new initiative to prevent credit card fraud. The campaign will see a tightening of checks on the validity of credit card transactions. It will be backed up with social media announcements, e-flyers and newsletters, aimed at raising awareness amongst customers of the potential for credit card fraud and the steps Oman Air is taking to protect its customers from such fraud.

Customers who use credit cards to book tickets will be required to carry the same card with them at check-in. If a third-party card has been used for the booking and the cardholder is not present, the passenger should carry relevant authorisation from the person named on the card. Random checks by Oman Air's staff will be carried out to ensure the legitimacy of the booking.

Announcing the initiative, Mohammed Al Shikely, General Manager Marketing for Oman Air, said:

"Credit card fraud is on the rise globally. Not only does it harm businesses, but it also causes great distress and inconvenience for consumers. Oman Air is therefore taking every possible step to prevent this from happening in protection of our customers.

"The steps we are taking under this new initiative are designed to both identify incidences of fraud and deter fraudsters from continuing their criminal acts. We would like to thank our customers in advance for their cooperation with, and support for this vital initiative."

Oman Air's latest anti-fraud campaign builds on a series of measures which are already in place. These include secure credit card transactions on the airline's website, the highest levels of secure data storage and continuing review of retail transactions.

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