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Oman Air Launches ‘40 Young Ambassadors Programme’ to Commemorate Four Decades of Historic Achievements

Date: 14 Nov 2010

Forty students from across the Sultanate have been selected to deliver forty messages of solidarity to leading academic institutions in Oman Air’s forty destinations across the globe as part of the national carrier’s hallmark National Day initiative. The unprecedented “40 Young Ambassadors Programme” was launched to celebrate the Sultanate’s forty years of progress and historic achievements under the reign and pioneering leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said.

Philippe Georgiou

Oman Air, with the support and coordination of the Ministry of Education, selected the forty finalists from a pool of hundreds of candidates between the ages of fourteen to seventeen who were required to submit a creative writing essay on the Airline’s role in bolstering tourism and Oman’s social and economic transformation over the last four decades. Entries were assessed and evaluated based on proficiency in language, conceptualisation, quality and fluency of expression, ingenuity and originality.

“Who better to represent the Sultanate in this unique cultural-exchange programme than the leaders of tomorrow,” expressed Philippe Georgiou, Chief Officer Corporate Affairs at Oman Air. “Our forty young ambassadors have successfully earned a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share with fellow students the majesty of this beautiful land and the riches it holds to position the Sultanate as a niche destination on the world map. At the same time, they will deliver a message of evolution, development and achievements”.

He added, “We hope that these students inspire others to spread Oman Air’s and the nation’s unified message of a modern vision and timeless traditions with true hospitality and warmth that is quintessentially Oman.”

Oman Air’s 40 Young Ambassadors Programme was developed to promote cross-cultural dialogue, leadership development and social poise amongst students. Georgiou went on to say that the international exposure will instill a sense of responsibility and patriotism while building self confidence through this meaningful and memorable educational experience. Coincidentally, Oman Air serves 40 destinations at this point in time.

“These Sindbads are part and parcel of our mission. We have always prided ourselves on being the flagship of the nation and its ambassador, representing the core values and essence of the country and symbolising its aspirations whether in the skies or on tarmacs of international airports across the world,” he concluded.

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