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Oman Air A Key Adherent To Omanization

Date: 15 July 2007

Oman Air, the national carrier of the Sultanate of Oman has during the first six months of this year absorbed 117 new Omani cadres holding various academic qualifications. This comes in line with the government’s guidelines, which has at all times assured on the inevitability of training, qualifying, polishing skills and enriching the experience of the Omanis, to enable them occupy different positions that will positively have an effect on the national economy.


Corporate Communications and Media Department in Oman Air stated that the wisdom of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, with relation to Omanization policy started since long ago and has proven prolific, where all associated who adopted the initiative, accomplished great success and have advantaged all areas of their activities. Since people's success is a nation's success, and Oman Air is well aware that Omanization is a bounden obligation, thus it is necessary to work alongside the government to develop human capability in all areas, to achieve the anticipated goals. They clarified that Omanization is a noble cause not intended to tamper with any foreign state or any resident of another nationality, explaining that Omanization does not mean isolation, and dropping out of the ever-changing global experience, but must continue to interact with these experiences, and benefit from the process of mutual development.

In this regard, Sheikh Ahmed Bin Himyar Al Nabhani, senior manager human resources in Oman Air said that achieving any goal requires commitment and efforts equivalent to the importance of this goal, and that the process of recruiting Omani cadres is at the heart of the human resources development strategy of the company, that is totally in support of Omanization, since human cadres are the real capital for growth and development.

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He said that the importance of Human Resource Development has been given top priority throughout the company. Training and improvement plans are always regulated for staff aimed towards developing their knowledge, attitudes, values, life skills, job skills and the competencies required of all citizens to become productive members of society. Furthermore, we prepare them to cope with the needs and growth within the aviation industry. The company no doubt is considered a pioneer in implementing the government’s strategies, which had long stressed that the availability of employment opportunities for national cadres is an important factor contributing to the advancement of the nation progress in various fields. What increases our glory and pride being ranked among the forefront private sector in this regard, ongoing to recruit more Omani cadres to raise the company’s Omanization percentage.

He added, “The importance of Human Resource Development (HRD) has been given top priority throughout the Sultanate of Oman's successive Five-Year Development Plans. Omanization is a key national objective, which we believe is very important. We train, educate, and participate highly in the ‘Omanization’ efforts, and the company is confident in the ability of national cadres, noting that the new patches have actually started operations. Al Nabhani stated that careers are split into two categories, professions that require expertise such as pilots, engineers, and jobs that require training courses to be inducted, also on-the-job training before employment after successfully executing the courses, such as cadet pilots, cabin crew trainees, air traffic assistants and cargo assistance. Omanization ensures that each one of us play our part in the process.

Corporate Communications and Media Department in conclusion affirmed that the Omani cadres in Oman Air demonstrated ability to keep abreast with developments, and attained chief senior positions within the company, where the number of employed Omanis reached to 2200, noting that the company is finalizing procedures to recruit a number of Omani females cabin crew trainees, who are undergoing training at present.

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