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Oman Air Joins IATP Association

Date: 7 Apr 2009
Oman Air is pleased to announce that it has joined the International Airlines Technical Pool Association. Made up of over 100 member airlines, and about 30 suppliers including aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus and Boeing with over 400 members from the aviation industry on its roll, IATP gather twice yearly to discuss sharing of resources, reducing costs, while improving operating efficiency.


“The acceptance of Oman Air into the IATP is testament to the company's status and broad service offering. Oman Air will benefit from increased visibility among a prestigious group of airlines and partners," said Peter Hill, Chief Executive Officer of Oman Air. "We look forward to working closely with all IATP members and contributing ideas and solutions to common issues," continued Mr. Hill.

Engineer Mohammed Al-Alawy, Senior Manager Line Maintenance, Oman Air who attended the organisation’s 99th conference held in Cairo recently, presented Oman Air and Oman through an impressive presentation. He said that this membership will result in great benefit to Oman Air in terms of savings and generating revenue in the field of Line Maintenance and aircraft spares. “Over the years, the organisation, which contributes immensely to the aviation industry, promoting unparalleled safety in the skies and forging strong bonds between airlines around the world, has aimed at providing a global airline network to facilitate the exchange of ideas and cooperation,” Al-Alawy said.

Peter Babunek of Austrian Airlines, on behalf of IATP Board of Directors, has in his congratulatory note sent to Oman Air stated that the impressive presentation on Oman and Oman Air has prompted many to visit Oman and Oman Air base in Muscat.

"Your membership has been voted on without objection after having received a very interesting presentation of Oman Air and the Sultanate of Oman by Mr. Mohammed Al Alawy, Senior Manager Line Maintenance, on Monday March 09, 2009. The presentation was very impressive that many delegates including the Board of Directors would wish to visit Oman and Oman Air, as to probably select the city of Muscat as one of our future venues for the big conference," The letter mentions.

Oman Air’s Corporate Communications and Media notified that The International Airlines Technical Pool (IATP), established in 1948, is a convention of airlines that provides a global airline network to facilitate the exchange of ideas and cooperation reduces aircraft parts inventory expense and airline operational delays and cancellations by sharing resources and many other benefits.

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