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Oman Air introduces IATA courses

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After successfully obtaining the IATA's license as an approved training centre. Oman Air, is now introducing IATA approved Diplomas, to meet the increasing demand and growth within the tourism sector.

Mr. Amar Nasser Al Harthy Oman Air's Divisional Manager Human Resources and Administration said: "The First courses have started on 2nd April 2006, and were met with a phenomenal response from the market, throughout a variety of users including Hotels, Airline staff, travel agents, hospitality agents, and those wishing to pursue a course in the tourism sector. Due to the increasing demand, and to make possible the opportunity for more users to participate in these significant courses, the center has extended registration up to 15th April, 2006. Classes are being conducted in Oman Air's well equipped Training Centre, by IATA's qualified instructors”

Mr. Saleh Al Zadjali Training Centre Manager said: The courses are divided into modules, and students successfully obtaining any two modules, automatically receives an IATA diploma. The modules are

1) Foundation- which consists of basic geography in travel, airport essentials, technology in the Travel Industry, Electronic banking tools, Customer service, Travel reservations, calculating and quoting air fares, hotel and car hire rates , shipping, completing international travel documents in accordance with applicable IATA rules, and e- ticketing.

Boeing 737-800

2) The Consultant module consists of Prepaid tickets and rerouting procedures, constructing competitive air fares , land transport, accommodation- other than hotels, Tour packages, selling skills, cruises and private charters , IATA Laws and regulations, Land Transport- bus and coach and Air fares and ticketing using Sabre systems.

3) The GDS Fares and Ticketing Module consists of basic and advanced air fare construction, GDS entries to price air journeys and issuing tickets. This module is specifically targeted to Industry personnel, who wish to advance their skills in the area of automated fares and E ticketing procedures. It includes interpreting and manipulating on screen displays to price and ticket various types of journeys, including class and round the world itineraries

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