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Oman Air inaugurates SMS service At Human Resources Department

In accordance with the strategies and policies approved by Oman Air to initiate the hottest technologies and systems through all its departments, aiming towards upgrading its activities and services, HR has inaugurated the SMS service as a method, to converse with candidates applying for the numerous jobs apportionments made available, due to the stable mounting of the company, in all spheres. 

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On this occasion, Mr. Ahmed Al Nabahi, Senior Manager Human Resources said, "The Company's management is giving its foremost priority, in the direction of introducing high-tech equipments and systems, to provide the best services to its valued customers.  In this regard, HR has recently introduced systems correlated with recruitments, and other various services. SMS is the most recent service integrated, and Oman Air is proud being the first company to implement this service in Oman".

He also added, "To ensure the impartiality towards the best candidates, the company is advertising locally and/or internationally through newspapers, or internet sites for available positions. Due to the numerous applications, HR has introduced its new SMS system, software which facilitates us to communicate directly via SMS text messages with the candidates to reply to their inquiry messages, and to feed them back regarding the process, and statuses of their application. This will also facilitate us to send interview results".

He concluded, "This program will enable HR staff to realize candidates in who received their results, from those who have not received it, in order to resend it to them accordingly. Also, the candidate can assure his presence through these messages. The system will help us in sending and receiving results to, and from all candidates, quicker and with fewer efforts to both parties, HR and candidates likewise.

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Mr. Muntassar Ambu Saidi, senior officer HR, and the supervisor of the project said, SMS service assist the company effectively, by means of sending to candidates their interviews and test results, besides providing any other related information in a smooth, safe and immediate way. The system can be used furthermore internally. The system will be subject to upgrading in the future, to comprise sending CVs in response to position announcements.

He also said, results of job interviews will be published in the local newspapers, including Job references. All candidates can communicate with the company through the number 9280015 to inquire, or request for any information.

In case candidates by error deleted any related massages containing information, they can simply get the requested information, by text massaging the number earlier mentioned with the job reference, using their own mobiles, since the number have been profusely registered with HR department, and this is for the accurate recognition by the system.

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