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Oman Air Hosted The 2nd MRO Focus Group Meeting

Date: 27 Mar 2008

Recently Oman Air has hosted the 2nd MRO Focus Group meeting of the Arab Air Carriers Organization 'AACO' at Hyatt Regency Hotel, Muscat.

Eng Abdullah Burham Ba Omar

Eng Abdullah Burham Ba Omar Senior Manager Planning & Product Control at Oman Air’s Engineering and Maintenance Division stated that the focus group, which gathers AACO member airlines from the Middle East and North African region, aims at tightening relationships between members in the field of maintenance, repair and overhaul. Many initiatives have been taken since the group's inception in the year 2006 and the meeting held recently in Muscat had proven the efficient support between AACO members in the MRO field.

Eng Abdullah Burham Ba Omar

He added that the Meeting provided an opportunity for discussion between different specialists in the engineering divination, and to be aware of the latest methods used. With out any doubt this meeting will increase the level of cooperation between the members; whish will help to provide best maintenance services and keeping up with developments in the aviation industry.

Oman Air’s Corporate Communications and Media department highlighted that the MRO Focus Group is a sub group of AACO's Technical Committee, the later dealing with all technical fields covering MRO, Flight Operations, Safety, Security as well as Emergency Planning and Response. The Technical Committee encompasses one focus group and two working groups. The Department noted that since its establishment in 1977, the Engineering and Maintenance Division has witnessed steady progress in all spheres, making it eligible to obtain the verification of civil aviation authorities in many countries such as Egypt, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Qatar, UAE, India and Turkey in addition to the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA.145.0108).

It worth to mention that the Arab Air Carriers Organization 'AACO', established in 1965 within the framework of the Arab League of States, is the Regional Association of the Arab Airlines who have their home base in countries members of the Arab League. AACO's main mission is to promote cooperation amongst Arab airlines and to serve their interests through   service  excellence.

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