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Oman Air Honoured by Sultan Qaboos University

Date: 12 Jan 2010
Oman Air honoured by Sultan Qaboos University

Oman Air was honoured recently at the premises of Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), for sponsoring the 3-day Tourism Festival held there. This was the fifth edition of the annual tourism festival to be organised by the College of Arts and Social Sciences, Sultan Qaboos University.

One of the biggest activities organised by the student community, this festival creates awareness about the potential that Oman holds as a tourist destination. Oman Air has always taken a proactive role in nurturing the efforts of the students' community especially in areas where it can identify its products and services with the event.

Corporate Communications and Media of Oman Air said that the national carrier encourages student activities that are aimed at developing the learning interests among the students. The students of SQU have always shown their earnest interest in creative pursuits in subjects related to their curriculum.

They stated that there was a huge turnout for last year's Tourism Festival, which had interesting spots like a dedicated corner for the various themes of tourism found in Oman that included medical tourism, historical tourism, cultural and adventure tourism, Tourism Voice FM which was an internal FM inside the venue that covered the happenings, also an exhibition of projects and creative ideas by the students, to name just a few.

"Oman today is hailed by the world press as a must-see unique destination. By encouraging events such as these organised by the student community, Oman Air is sowing the seeds for a well-informed future generation that looks at their country with pride and welcomes the guests with warmth and love," Oman Air’s CC&M concluded saying.

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