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Oman Air Granted Membership For IATA Regional Coordinating Group

Date: 29 July 2007

In this regard, corporate Communication and Media Department said that IATA on 30 June 2007 has granted Oman Air the IATA Middle East / North Africa

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Regional Coordinating Group (RCG) Membership until end June 2009. (RCG) act as advisor to the Operations Committee, IATA Management, and other relevant IATA bodies. There responsibilities consist of reviewing the impact of global developments on regional operations, also responsible for developing IATA position on issues related to safety, security, operations, infrastructure, and the environment of a purely regional nature in the assigned geographic area. Regional positions are harmonized and as appropriate, made into global policy. These policies and positions are communicated to ICAO Regional Planning Groups, or individual states. The current Middle East North Africa (MENA) Regional Coordinating Group consists of 10 including Oman Air.

In this regard, Mr. Farooq Al-Balushi (Manager Operations Control) Oman Air Flight Operations Division, whom has been nominated as a member of IATA Regional Coordinating Group said, “Oman Air is proud to be one of the 10 members of IATA Regional Coordinating Group. The letter of nomination has been approved by the Operations Committee (OPC) Steering Group, which is one of the six IATA Industry Committees that acts as advisor to the Board of Governors and the Director General on all matters connected with the improvement of safety, security, and efficiency of civil air transport. Oman Air was accordingly acknowledged of the decision through Mr. Günter Matschnigg, Senior Vice President – Safety, Operations & Infrastructure, at IATA HQ, Montreal. This has been achieved as a result of Oman Air’s dedicated efforts to continuously enhance its standards of quality and safety in all fields of civil aviation, and due to continues shared efforts, sharing information within Oman Air concern management, for achieving IATA relevant tasks and guidance within Oman Air and other Regional airlines, IATA has granted the (RCG) membership to Oman Air.” 

He clarified that members of IATA Regional Coordinating Group has an extremely important role to play in advising and working with the Directors of Safety, Operations and Infrastructure team within IATA. The above Group reports to Senior Vice

President– Safety, Operations & Infrastructure, adding that Oman Air has been participating in IATA Middle East Region (Regional Coordinating Group) meetings twice in Year as an Observer from last 5 years. It has been always the focus of Oman Air Management to develop the safety standards of the airline, and in this regard we were earlier only participating and sharing information without having a vote, but now as a member, Oman Air will have a vote during the (RCG) meetings for any applicable item that may benefits Oman Air and other Airlines.

Boeing 737-800

Mr. Farooq Al-Balushi further said that the RCG is accountable for establishing IATA requirements and priorities on operational / technical matters of a purely

regional nature in the assigned geographic area. It will also indicate how to implement those measures in a rational, co-coordinated, and cost-effective manner. RCG may establish task forces as appropriate to deal with issues requiring immediate    / short-term resolution, where areas of activity include Safety, Security, Airports, Air navigation facilities, services, and procedures, also Impact of global developments on regional operations.

“Few examples of achievements through IATA RCG are the vital exchange of information and views through above meetings, IATA Operations Safety Audit are an example, which has prompted Oman Air Management to avail IOSA registration on high priority in 2005. Fuel efficiency Gap analysis, IATA concern team was brought to Oman Air in June 2006 and fuel cost saving measures has been implemented. Various Seminars & coordination toke place between the local authorities & the above Group for better use of airspace. Introduction of shorter airways (routes) in the region and it benefits all regional airlines, hence saving fuel and time.” He concluded.

Manager Operations Control in Oman Air Flight Operations Division, has been participating with above group, and attending the meetings twice a Year in Amman as an Observer. His nomination came due to his vast experience (15 years) in Aviation, particularly in flight operations management. He is specialized in restructuring Integrated Operation control center, dispatch and logistic service center. Oman Air Operations Control Centre is considered as the nerve Centre of flight operations.

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