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Oman Air A Golden sponsor for Jobex 2008: Talented job opportunities made available by Oman Air for the visitors of the exhibition.

Date: 07 Apr 2008

As a Golden sponsor, Oman Air participates in JOBEX 2008 being held at Oman Exhibition Center from 7 to April 9, 2008.

Extolling the important role played by these Exhibitions, Al Shaik. Ahmed bin Himyar Al Nabhani Senior Manager Human Resources of Oman Air stated that sponsoring these exhibitions assists in establishing connection channels with Omani academic cadres and assists young Omanis to closely scrutinize job opportunities currently available in the market.  It also facilitates the Managements’ initiatives to further enhance the National human resources to develop their scientific and technical skills which would in turn contribute to the Sultanate of Oman’s blessed renaissance taking place in various spheres.

Al Shaik/Ahmed Al Nabhani

Al Nabhani also emphasized that Oman Air’s participation this year will be distinctive as usual.  The Company’s representatives will directly communicate with the Omani cadres in various academic and practical qualifications and will introduce them to the various job opportunities available at the Sultanate’s National Carrier.  In addition, the airline will also provide advice and guidance about the job requirements and conditions.  Suitable applications will be received by the Company’s representatives on-the-spot.  The exhibition will also be utilized to introduce the numerous training courses prevalent in the Oman Air Training Center, which is considered to be at the forefront of being one of the specialized and distinctive training centers in the Aviation field.

Corporate Communications & Media department of Oman Air commented by stating that the national carrier has employed 320 Omanis in 2007 in various disciplines. This happened in line with the governments efforts that realized early that the citizen is the real wealth of the country.  In order to interpret this vision, it was natural that the citizen should be in the forefront and should be a priority in all development programs in Oman.    The department added that building up a modern state cannot be achieved in isolation from the development of the human minds, polishing their skills and enhancing their creativity. The comprehensive progress will not succeed without a complete awareness of human resources who is capable of understanding variables worldwide and are able to deal with it and therefore, occupy various positions which will have the greatest impact on the national economy.

CC&M added that Omani cadres in Oman Air have the proven ability to keep abreast with progressive development and have assumed top management positions in the Company. By the end of March 2008 the number of the Omani staff reached 2,302 staff. Also there are many plans that have been developed to increase the ratio of Omanization in the company. Omanization is not happening merely by making decisions, but it begins with it and all positions could be Omanized without exception.

Al Shaik/Ahmed Al Nabhani

Corporate Communications & Media concluded by emphasizing that Oman Air is considered as a fundamental pillar in the implementation of the government’s directives, which had long stressed that, the availability of employment opportunities for national cadres is an important element in the development plans. Oman Air has been ranked among the vanguard of the private sector companies seeking to recruit more Omani cadres to raise their Omanization rates, which instills in all at Oman Air a feeling of honor. Given the current stage of steady growth witnessed by Oman Air in various operational and service aspects through the introduction of the latest international technology, Oman Air’s doors will remain widely opened for the young Omanis who wish to prove themselves and improve their professional careers.

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