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Oman Air Contributes Towards Health Care

Date: 9-2-2007

Oman Air has sponsored The International Ophthalmic Conference-2007 organized by Oman Ophthalmic Society, which was held from 6 - 8 February 2007. Nearly 300 participants have attend this conference which included doctors, medical assistants and cadre workers in the area of Ophthalmology and public health in the Sultanate, and from other various countries.

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Oman Air’s Corporate Communication and Media Department stated that the people of Oman have appreciated the Sultanate of Oman’s achievements in the health sector, in a relatively short span of three decades. The quality of Oman's health care has been recognized by international organizations such as the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and the United Nations Development Fund, which have praised such achievements in their reports. With this in mind, the National Carrier of the Sultanate felt it was of utmost importance to contribute to this conference, as it helps to cultivate and promote the study of ophthalmic sciences, research and manpower development, with a view to render service to the Omani community. A significant new side of ophthalmology have been revealed, which we felt was important to share.

They added saying that the conference was a compilation of diverse ophthalmologists from different countries, with varied types of practices, who have in common the goal of sharing ideas with the aim of ensuring the continued success of ophthalmology and to advance its art and science. Sponsoring this conference came in accordance with our esteemed government’s mandate to raise the scientific standards of Ophthalmology personnel as well as the health of patients. Establishing medical societies in the Sultanate was a remarkable day in Oman’s medical rise, indicating the great efforts pursued by the government of His Majesty The Sultan (may God save him) to push the wheel of the Sultanate’s medical progress.

In conclusion, they avowed that since the Renaissance and under the auspices of  HM Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, the government has stressed improving health care and has provided Omani citizens and residents with a high quality health services whereby at present, 28 Ministry of Health institutions offer state-of-the-art eye care in all the 10 health regions of Oman, In addition to the innumerable superior efforts devoted towards building the capacity of Omani manpower in the field of ophthalmology being a national goal, where there are a good proportion of qualified Omani ophthalmologists at present, providing services in different subspecialties to the community.

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