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Oman Air contributes towards efforts endeavor to preserving the environment

Based on detection by all that preserving the environment and its resources is a communal responsibility, and that each one ought to contribute to its health. Oman Air with the intention of promoting and supporting the work being done by the Environment Society of Oman (ESO) has sponsored the concert being given by the Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra at the Oman Auditorium, Al Bustan Palace Intercontinental Hotel Muscat on 14th December.

Corporate Communication and Media Department in Oman Air said, “On the environmental front, Oman has always shown its genuine anxiety. Concern for the environment both at home and abroad has always been of the utmost consequence to His Majesty the Sultan. In 1989, His Majesty initiated the Sultan Qaboos Award for preserving the environment. Oman is a beautiful country, blessed with unique habitats and landscapes therefore, Oman Air being the national carrier, is devoted towards contributing to its maximum potential to sustain the creation of an apposite environment and lush soil that will enable Oman to go onward to its promising future.”

They further added, “One of the most important initiatives in this respect is His Majesty’s the Sultan Qaboos instituted Prize for Environmental Preservation, which is the first Arab prize to be awarded by UNESCO for international efforts on behalf of the environment. This prize, by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos at the Earth Summit in Brazil in 1989, demonstrates his personal commitment to the environment not only in Oman, but also across the world.”

“The Environment Society of Oman (ESO) aims to help conserve Oman's natural heritage and raise awareness about environmental issues, and the national carrier of the Sultanate has always, and will continue to support such noble causes.” They concluded saying.

ESO is a non-governmental society was established in 2004 by Omanis representing different regions and from different professional backgrounds. The society is unique in Oman and hopes to have a positive influence on Oman’s future development by promoting conservation and environmental awareness. ESO organisers monthly lectures, field trips, workshops and hands-on activities such as wadi and beach clean-ups.

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