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Oman Air Continues To Support Artists And Creative Talent

Date: 25 Apr 2009

Oman Air recently sponsored The Salalah National Band for Theatre for their participation in the Tenth Arab Gulf States' Theatre Festival held in Kuwait from 30th March until 9th April. The talents of Omani artistes in the field of theatre is growing many fold which is nurtured through the competitions and events conducted locally, regionally and internationally. The niche of discerning audience in drama/theatre is also growing bigger, that encourages many new up and coming talents.

The Arab Gulf States' Theatre Festival is a well-known stage event that encourages budding and established artistes to showcase their talent to a bigger audience. The Salalah National Band for Theatre has accomplished many achievements through its participation in local, regional also international festivals. The most notable being the Band’s partaking in the Silk Route Festival held in Germany and The Eighth Arab Gulf States' Theatre Festival in Abu Dhabi, where the Omani artistes succeeded in winning almost all the awards. The Band was particularly chosen by the Ministry of National Heritage and Culture to represent Oman in the Tenth Festival.

Commenting on this Oman Air's Corporate Communications and Media (CC&M) stated that Oman Air always believed in nurturing the talents in the fields of learning, sports, academics, and performing arts. "In today's world, it is crucial to have diverse talents which should be nurtured for a successful sustenance of an individual. Theatre is one such segment whose roots date back to circa 6th Century and before, is thriving even today, and is a universally acclaimed performing art form. The Salalah National Band for Theatre that Oman Air sponsored, is a much-acclaimed group that has a certain fan following and is known for their creative production values and superior performance. Their play was much appreciated by all at the Festival in Kuwait," CC&M informed.

CC&M also brought to notice the fact that the cultural society in the Sultanate has warmly received the Royal Orders of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said forming a higher committee under the chairmanship of HE Sayyid Ali Bin Hamoud Al Busaidi, Minister of the Diwan of Royal Court, to study and evaluate the conditions of theatre and drama in the Sultanate and to set a plan for the development of this vital sector.

"Oman Air's gesture in sponsoring this event through supporting the Salalah National Band for Theater further emphasises the role played by Oman Air in joining hands with the concerned governmental bodies towards its pursuit in developing theatre and drama movement in the Sultanate," Oman Air’s CC&M concluded saying.

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