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Oman Air continues Omanization plan as part of its primary strategy

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Oman Air, the national carrier of Oman has employed 239 Omani staff members within its different departments from the period from 1st January to 30th November 2006. This comes in accordance with His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said directives to develop Omani human resources and surmount obstacles facing them so that they can develop their skills and contribute to the overall national development, and make available opportunities to enable them to participate in the blessed renaissance witnessed by Oman in all spheres, Oman Air continue with its ambitious plans to invest in human resources as obligatory for progress through various training programmes, preparation of plans, policies, procedures to qualify nationals with the aim to increasing Omanization proportion within the company.

Sheikh Ahmed Bin Himyar Al Nabhani, Senior Manger Human Resources said, as part of the national precedence and since Omanization signify a focal point, Oman Air through dedicated programs, has concerted on a very significant matter that is to develop Omanies and have them eligible to occupy all various positions. To accomplish this tasks, the company has originate polices and geared up programs to equip the company with the required national manpower what's more, attain the uppermost credible Omanization percentage within a definite period.

Achievements were fulfilled in this concern through upgrading the specialized preparation programs, using high-tech techniques and equipments as well as equipping the Omani cadre to handle new technologies in the aviation sector, which is, distinguish with its rapid transformation and evolution. There are 2178 Omani staff as for present and more will be allotted in coming years. Omani cadres have proven capability in the all and doing the utmost to be of assistance to the government in relation to the Omanization guidelines. The company has encouraged more qualified citizens to engage with higher technical and administrative position. Also, among other pre-eminence, the company is constantly magnetizing and recruiting Omani graduates to join the company, which caused to increase Omani staff numbers continuously. We are proud to announce that our present Omanization percentage is 73% and we are working on increasing this.

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Corporate Communications & Media Department in Oman Air commented on the subject matter saying, Omanization is a dignified principle aiming towards accelerating the national economy also, increasing the sectional efficiency. It is not just an administrative decision issued without specific plans or objectives. Omanization is an ambitious, comprehensive and a long-term strategy passing through planned phases and necessitates era to materialize. HM The Sultan has at all times assured on the inevitability of training, qualifying, polishing skills and enriching the experience of the Omanies, to enable them occupy different positions that will positively have an effect on the national economy. The vision of HM the Sultan with relation to Omanization policy started since long ago and has proven prolific, and all concerned have adopted the initiative, which resulted being great success and have advantaged all areas of activities. This has encouraged the company to deploy extensive efforts and implement comprehensive policies to increase the number of Omanis in line with the government strategy.

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Based on the available information, Omanization will no doubt continue as a crucial issue in the society. Omanization is not momentous to the government only, but also to the private sector, being the crutch to the national economy. 82 additional Omani nationals are to be trained and recruited by end December. This will increase the number of Omani staff up to 2260 by the end of the year 2006.

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