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Oman Air Continues To Achieve New Accomplishments

Date: 22 Aug 2007

Oman Air continues to achieve new accomplishments in terms of passengers’ traffic. The airline within the first six month of 2007 has carried 643,724 passengers, which is considered as an unprecedented achievement since operation in 1993. The National Carrier of Oman carried 601,161 Passenger in 2006 and 506,545 passenger in 2005 during the same period respectively.

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In a statement made by Mr. Ziad bin Karim Al Haremi, Chief Executive Officer of Oman Air he said that Oman Air continued to break its former records and we are pleased with such outstanding achievements. We are enthusiastic to increase passengers’ traffic, but at the same time, and based on the company’s strategy which aims to providing the best of services, we are dedicated to provide the highest degree of safety and reliability on regular basis, in spite of the elevated increase in fuel prices and sturdy competition among airlines. Mr. Al Haremi also said that Oman Air has operated 6,727 flights during the first half of 2007, thus raising the seat factor to 78%.

He added that the constant increase in number of passengers, furthermore the distinguished performance during the first six months of this year was due to the upward passengers’ traffic in the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent, also the launch of our new destinations as well as a result of rescheduling some of Oman Air flights by increasing or decreasing some flights, re-routing or change of timings for others. By implementing the summer schedule since beginning 25 March 2005, with direct flights at convenient timings to any of Oman Air’s 21 destinations, we look forward to achieve more accomplishments in numbers of flights and passengers and we target to exceed the limit of our earlier figures by the end of this year.

Al Haremi added, in addition to achieving good growth rates in the number of passengers carried during the first six months of the current year, the national carrier has managed to exceed the ceiling of the passenger volume achieved in May 2007 by actually carrying 145,708 passengers during the months of July 2007, or an increase by 36% compared to the same month last year. This clearly reflects the passengers’ confidence in Oman Air services, which continues to pursue high level of growth and development. He ensured that what was achieved would not have been possible without dedicated efforts of the company’s staff as well as the continued support by company’s customers, shareholders as well as board of directors, our deep thanks and gratitude are extended to all of them. Mr. Al Haremi concluded by saying we are proud of the assurances entrusted by our clients and will do the utmost to keep it up. The company will announce a number of delighted surprises shortly he finally stated.

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Corporate Communications and Media Department in Oman Air noted that Oman Air had achieved a breakthrough during 2005 in terms of passenger traffic as it carried 1,135,045 passengers, and acceded this number in 2006 by actually carrying 1,225,604 passengers. This certainly reflects successful operational policies that have strengthened the company’s outstanding performance and contributed to the many achievements on the level of all different department of the company they said. No doubt that these results are contemplating the efficiency and commitment of the team work as well as the organization structure which had been approved for the aim of upgrading all company’s activities. They concluded saying that the policies and work plans approved by Oman Air succeeded in fulfilling several of the objectives that aim to modernize and improve performance of the Company by optimally investing in the available resources

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