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Oman Air commemorates Its Sixth Issue of the Wings

Travel and tourism in Oman look all set to reach incredible new heights. With Government of Oman attempting to promote adventure tourism, The Wing of Oman, the popular in-flight Magazine of Oman Air, has supplemented the Govt’s initiatives by highlighting on the offbeat tourism spots.

Like in the last previous five issues of this year, the sixth edition of 2006, just released, focuses on Jabal Shams, the highest peak in Oman. It may be recalled that the Wings of Oman was the first magazine to unearth the splendours of Al Hota cave, which was open to tourists barely. The feature on Jabal Shams gives an insight of what is looming for the intrepid tourists.

On the international front, Wings of Oman takes you on a colourful voyage to Thiruvanthapuram, the capital of Kerala, India. Every place in Kerala has its own charm and this city, too, has its own share of exhilarations. Wings of Oman has been encapsulating various facets of this vibrant country. The write-up on Bahla, known for its pottery craft, retraces ancient Oman with the Bahla fort looming enormously on its landscape.

The magazine has unfolded the rich visual delight of the countryside. So, every issue has been crammed with hideaways. Wadi Dayqah, featured in the latest edition, is a picturesque valley with breathtaking gorges and rugged trekking trails and cool refreshing turquoise waters all year round. The focus of this issue is an interesting feature on Habta, the traditional pre-Eid open market. The market serves as a melting pot of culture, as it exudes charm redolent of the Arabian bazaar of folklore.

Besides, the issue is packed with features on health, business, humour, etc. According to Corporate Communications and Media Department of Oman Air, the Wings of Oman reflects the culture and heritage of Oman and has wonderfully highlighted the vignettes of the country’s prime destinations, hideaways and heritage to the exterior world. Buoyed by the success of the magazine they added, further improvements are being planned.

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On the news front, the existing image of Oman Air has received a boost with the successful completion of renewing its IOSA Registration in September 2006. The airline had earlier on 20 Jan 2005 achieved the distinction of being the 24th airline worldwide, and the 3rd in the Arab world to be registered with IOSA. In November, it co-hosted the second e-Conference on ‘Travel of the Future’, organised by US-based Airline Information and German consulting firm, Airline Solutions in Muscat. Come December Oman Air is gearing to launch its flights to Amman from Muscat with three non-stop flights (Monday - Wednesday - Saturday) a week. 

Consequently, all in all, the year was marked by slew achievements

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