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Oman Air and Bahwan Travel Agencies Partner to Create Oman Air Holidays LLC

Date: 12 Sep 2011
Oman Air And Bahwan Travel Agencies Partner To Create Oman Air Holidays LLC

Oman Air has announced a new joint venture with Bahwan Travel Agencies, which will promote inbound tourism to Oman and outbound holidays to destinations served by the national carrier’s network. To be known as Oman Air Holidays LLC (in partnership with Bahwan Travels), the Sultanate of Oman’s first ever Public/Private Partnership will result in the country’s largest travel and tourism business.

The deal will see the airline’s Oman Air Holidays division integrate with Bahwan Tours for inbound holidays and with Bahwan Holidays for outbound holidays, sharing markets, personnel and systems to offer value for money products to clients in Oman and around the globe.

Abdulrazaq Alraisi, Oman Air’s Chief Commercial Officer, commented:

“Oman Air is pleased to announce a historic partnership with Bahwan Travel Agencies, which will deliver even greater choice, quality and value for our customers around the world.

“Working very closely with the Ministry of Tourism and their Representatives, as well as Oman Air Country Managers and their Sales Teams abroad, Oman Air Holidays LLC (in partnership with Bahwan Travels), will showcase the Sultanate of Oman and every destination on the Oman Air network. Through efficient contracting and supplier selection, it will also deliver the widest array of tourism products to the discerning traveller and increase Oman’s prominence within the international travel market.

Oman Air And Bahwan Travel Agencies Partner To Create Oman Air Holidays LLC

“This is the latest in a series of initiatives that Oman Air has taken, together with the Ministry of Tourism, to bring the beauty, history and culture of the Sultanate of Oman to the attention of the world and to promote the country as a unique holiday destination.

“From the splendour of our capital city, Muscat, to the breathtaking landscapes of Dhofar, Oman has much to offer the discerning traveller and we look forward to seeing our new joint venture introduce even more people to this wonderful destination.”

The joint venture commenced with the flotation of a global tender by Oman Air early last year. Some 25 bids from qualified companies from around the world were then evaluated and the selection process zeroed on Bahwan Travels, the airline’s strongest ally in retail travel for the past two decades.

Soon to be headquartered at the state-of-the-art Al Ruwaq Building in Qurum, with its website, front office and back office integrated on the latest technology platform, the company will deliver a 24/7 service to individual customers, the travel trade, corporate businesses and the Government of Oman.

Shankar Bose, General Manager, Bahwan Travel Consortium, added:

“Oman Air Holidays LLC (in partnership with Bahwan Travels), will bring together Oman Air’s unparalleled quality and global reach with Bahwan Tours’ and Bahwan Holidays’ extensive expertise and experience of the travel industry.

“The company will reach out to every corner of the land, and to customers around the world, to deliver a great range of holidays within Oman and across Oman Air’s network of exciting destinations. In doing so, it will play a key part in building the capacity of the Sultanate’s tourism sector and positioning it at the highest international levels.”

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