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Oman Air Achieves Gold Standard in 2010 Vision Award

Date: 01 Aug 2011
Oman Air Attains Another High Flying Award

Oman Air's latest annual report has won awards and praise from the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP). The report won a Gold Award in this year's 2010 Vision Awards Annual Report Competition, whilst Oman Air also won a Bronze Award in the Best Letter to Shareholders category.

In addition, Oman Air's annual report was ranked 48th in the LACP's Top 100 Annual Reports worldwide list and 25th in the Top Annual Reports EMEA list, across all categories. During the judging process, the report attracted 98 marks out of a possible 100. More than 5,000 entries to the 2010 Vision Awards Annual Report Competition, from 24 countries, were received by the LACP and Oman Air has achieved a higher ranking than many large industrial corporations.

In fact, the Report is rubbing shoulders with the annual reports of global giants such as Thompson Reuters at No 36, Kellogg Company at No 42, WPP at No 84 and Panasonic Corporation at No 83 in the Global Top 100; as well as with EMEA heavy weights such as Bayer AG at No 6, Bertelsmann AG at No 9, Commerzbank AG at No 12, Audi AG at No 24 and AkzoNobel at No 31 in the EMEA Top 50. This achievement is made all the more impressive by the fact that, this year, these awards have attracted a record 5,000 entries from around the world

Upon receiving the awards, Oman Air's Chief Finance Officer, Japeen Shah, commented:

"We are delighted to have received Gold and Bronze awards in the 2010 Vision Awards, and to have been ranked so high in the worldwide and MENA Top 100 lists, which cover all industries. It is particularly fitting that our annual report achieved the Gold award, as its theme was "Gold Standard", a reflection of Oman Air's commitment to delivering the highest quality in everything we do.

"We are also pleased that recognition has been given to an annual report that details so many of Oman Air's achievements over the course of 2010. We expanded our fleet of aircraft, increased our network of exciting destinations, pioneered inflight mobile phone and wi-fi connectivity and introduced a range of great new products and services. In doing so, we also increased the number of passengers we carried by 38%, cargo carried by 99%, cargo revenues by 238% and overall revenues by 40%, compared with 2009."

This year's success in the 2010 Vision Awards builds on last year's achievements, when Oman Air won Silver and Bronze awards. The Vision Awards process recognises and rewards exemplary annual reporting from across the globe. Elements of annual reporting, such as quality of financial content, message clarity, information accessibility, quality of letter to shareholders, first impressions and more are evaluated through a proprietary judging and scoring system and the world's best reports are duly identified and rewarded.

Reports submitted are judged across three geographic regions – EMEA (Europe/Middle East/Africa), the Americas and Asia Pacific and the LACP has this year innovated further by introducing regional Top 50 rankings which join an already existing World Top 100 ranking.

The League of American Communications Professionals was established in 2001 in the USA, to create a forum that discusses 'best in class' practices whilst recognising those who demonstrate exemplary communications capabilities.

Japeen Shah concluded:

"We would like to thank all our staff and partners, including those involved in preparing the annual report, for the part they have played in Oman Air's ongoing success. We would also like to thank the League of American Communications Professionals for their invaluable recognition."

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