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Oman Air – leader of e-ticketing in the region

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Oman Air has achieved the highest level of e-ticketing market penetration among all Middle Eastern airlines, according to recent statistics released by IATA. As of end Feb. 2006, 15.3% of Oman Air’s passengers used e-tickets. In comparison, Market penetration for Middle Eastern airlines for the same period was 4.7% and 47.4% was the global percentage.

Mr. Ziad Al Haremi, Acting Chief Executive Officer of Oman Air said, “This initiative of introducing  e - ticketing is yet another step towards achieving our objective, which is, to make traveling with us a truly seamless and enjoyable experience.  Oman Air commenced e-ticketing in September 2005, and it has been implemented in Muscat, Salalah, Dubai, Cairo, Mumbai, Chennai, Kuwait, Beirut and New Delhi.  Other WY stations are soon to follow as and when the airports we operate to upgrade their departure control systems”.

He concluded, “Since the launch of e-ticketing up till the 20th of March 2006, Oman Air transported 70,962 passengers by e-ticketing enabled stations - in other words, 21% of its total travelers.  

Boeing 737-800

It is worth mentioning, that Oman Air recently signed an agreement with Sabre for the use of Global Distribution System (GDS), as part of the marketing effort between Oman Air and Sabre Travel Network Middle East. This will enable the airline to use the GDS in sales and marketing activities, locally and internationally. Moreover, it will contribute towards achieving the implementation of 100 percent e-ticketing in all Oman Air stations by the end of 2006, a year ahead of IATA’s  set target date of end of 2007.

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