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Oman Air’s 40 Young Ambassadors Traverse the Globe to Share Unified Message to the World

Date: 6 Feb 2011
COCA, sees off one of Oman Air’s 40 Young Ambassadors

Thirteen of Oman Air’s 40 Young Ambassadors have embarked on their maiden voyage to deliver messages of evolution, development and achievements to the national carrier’s respective destinations in Bahrain, Qatar, Lebanon, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan. This first-of-its-kind initiative sets the stage for realizing Oman Air’s vision to establish a cultural exchange platform between the Sultanate and the world while positioning the country as a premier and unrivalled tourist destination.

Each Young Ambassador will visit a local school in one of the Airline’s 40 destinations where they will convey Oman’s message of modernity and heritage, highlighting the four decades of historic achievement and progress under the visionary leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said.

“These Ambassadors are in actuality Oman’s voice to a greater international audience, projecting a positive image and message from Oman and the Arab world. They will not only share Oman’s visionary blueprint, but will also one day contribute in leading this country forward,” said Philippe Georgiou, Chief Officer Corporate Affairs at Oman Air. “Their trip and well-being are our top priority and we have left no stone unturned with several logistical measures in place to ensure an unforgettable experience.”

Georgiou went on to say that the 40 Young Ambassadors Programme serves as a prime example of the Airline’s unwavering commitment to youth engagement and promoting nation talents, “Through grass-root programmes such as this, we hope to provide productive and creative outlets for expression and inspire youth to fulfill their true potential.”

Oman Air’s 40 Young Ambassadors were selected from across all regions in the Sultanate in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, following a rigorous and objective assessment process. Over the next couple of months, a group of Ambassadors is scheduled to depart the Sultanate each week along with their guardians.

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