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More Omani Graduates join Oman Air

In continuation of its efforts towards Omanisation and recruitment of more national graduates, Oman Air recently employed 9 University graduates in different areas of specialization. The first group consisting of 11 graduates were recruited in 2002. The graduates are inducted in an especially designed training program called the Management Training program where they are prepared to assume senior management positions in the future.

The program aims to enrich the trainees with information and experience in the field of aviation together with management skills. The duration of the program is 12 months, and is divided into 3 phases. The first phase comprises of theoretical training conducted in-house, the second is on-job training, and the 3rd phase is external training where the graduates are sent to external training institutes and to some of Oman Air’s offices in its network.

Mr. Ziad Al Haremi, Oman Air’s Acting Chief Executive Officer said: “This move has come in response to the directive from His Majesty Sultan bin Qaboos Al Said to give Omani youth opportunities to excel in various fields. We are totally committed towards the Omanisation drive and, in fact, we employed 112 Omanis in 2004. In 2005, this number increased to 165. At present, 74% of our employees are Omani nationals and we are aiming to achieve 78% by end 2006. I am pleased to say that the company’s efforts towards Omanisation are recognised not only locally, but regionally as well.”

Mr. Al Haremi added: “The airline industry is very dynamic and in order to maintain our prestigious position we spare no effort in improving our work force and encouraging our staff to enhance their skills so to maintain high standards of professionalism. Towards this end, the company has introduced a program whereby staff is reimbursed with 90% of the costs of further education, where the skills obtained are applied to the job. This is in addition to the training provided in-house in the company’s own training centre, as well as its links with various training institutes world-wide where staff are sent for training.”

To conclude, Mr. Al Haremi stated: “We firmly believe that the human element is the basis of success in any organisation. We are committed to constantly increase the number of trained and qualified Omanis in the company and to recognise their efforts.”

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