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More Omani Cadres Join Oman Air

Date: 12 Aug 2008

Oman Air, the national carrier of Oman recruited 313 Omanis in different fields of operation, during the first seven months of this year, bringing the number of the Omani staff to 2470 in the company, said Sheikh Ahmed Al-Nabhani, Senior Manager Human Resources.

He pointed out that the Omani candidates occupied the most of the positions in different departments of the company where in 82 candidates were appointed in the Commercial Division, 86 in Flight Operation Division, 108 in Service Delivery and about 11 in Human Resources and Administration. As per the approved plans more Omanis will be recruited in the near future. The job announcements will be made by the company at the appropriate time. Sheikh Ahmed Al-Nabhani also noted that the company is in the process of finalizing recruitment formalities for some recently announced jobs.

Sheikh Al-Nabhani

Sheikh Al-Nabhani said that the company is always keen on providing a work environment appropriate for attracting more qualified personnel, through adopting many policies. He also added that the company is proud to be the first company in Oman to grant two days off a week, on Fridays and Saturdays nearly ten years ago from February 1999. By using Human Resources Information System, which is considered one of the best in the Middle East with built in features, Omanization efforts are constantly monitored, continuously improved and the Omanization percentage is ensured. In addition, a career development plan is organized to upgrade the Omani cadres and enable them to occupy the top senior positions in the company. This is based on the company's belief that continuous training and development are the tools which will help provide opportunities for the Omanis to prepare them in a planned manner to handle all the jobs.

Corporate Communications & Media department commented by saying, that Omanization is a dignified principle aiming towards accelerating the national economy as also increasing the sectional efficiency. It is not just an administrative decision issued without specific plans or objectives. Omanization is an ambitious, comprehensive and a long-term strategy passing through planned phases and necessitates an era to materialize. HM The Sultan has at all times assured on the inevitability of training, qualifying, polishing skills and enriching the experience of the Omanis, to enable them to occupy different positions that will positively have an effect on the national economy.

CC & Media department concluded by saying that Oman Air is passing an exciting phase of growth and witnessing a prosperous era charged with a new energy, determination, firm commitment through adopting development plans and strategies. The Omanization strategies contributed greatly to increase the number of the Omani staff in the company which is exemplified by the fact that there are 1301 Omanis working in Service Delivery, 369 working in Flight Operation out of which 111 as pilots, 338 in Commercial Deviation and 241 in Engineering.

Omani staff

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