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May Issue Of Wings Of Oman Celebrates Return To Oman Of HM Sultan Qaboos

Date: 05 May 2015

The newly-published May 2015 issue of Oman Air's inflight magazine, Wings of Oman, celebrates the joyful return to his homeland of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said, reportedly following a period of ill health.

May Issue Of Wings Of Oman Celebrates Return To Oman Of 
HM Sultan Qaboos

Usama Al Haremi, Senior Manager Corporate Communications and Media, comments:

"We are proud to have the opportunity to celebrate, within the latest issue of Wings of Oman, the return to Oman of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos. His Majesty is an inspirational leader, an example to us all and much-loved by his people. Furthermore, he embodies the Omani spirit of drawing on our nation's faith, culture and history to create a dynamic and visionary future.

"His Majesty's creation of the modern Sultanate of Oman has provided his people with previously undreamed of opportunities – for education, healthcare, economic development and much more. Oman Air owes its very existence to His Majesty's vision and our Wings of Oman cover story is a small token of our love, respect and appreciation."

His Majesty arrived back in the Sultanate of Oman on the 23 March. His return was greeted by great celebration amongst the Omani people and the country's expat community. Thousands of celebratory postings and comments about his homecoming were published on social media pages, all highlighting the love and praise that the people of Oman have for their great leader.

His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said was born in Oman's southern coastal town of Salalah, in Dhofar, in 1940. Following his education in Oman and England, he entered the prestigious Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and then served as an officer in the British Army. After studying local government systems and touring the world, His Majesty returned to Oman, where he acceded to the throne in 1970.

He immediately began modernizing the country, spearheading the grand development of Oman's infrastructure and transforming it into the progressive economy and society that it is today. His Majesty boosted spending on health, education and welfare, and ensured that Oman's rich cultural diversity and artistic heritage were preserved. He also established healthy relationships with neighbouring countries and the rest of the world.

Today, as a thriving and prosperous nation, the international respect in which the Sultanate of Oman is held is exceeded only by the Omani people's love for their Sultan. Wings of Oman's cover story provides details of Sultan Qaboos's background and provides insight into why he is held in such high esteem.

Wings of Oman is available on all Oman Air's aircraft, as well as in airport lounges and offices throughout the airline's international network. It is also available to read online at

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