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Flight Disruption Notice: Changes in flight schedule and operating aircraft on the 8th and 9th of April 2012

Date: 8 Apr 2012

Oman Air wishes to inform its valued passengers that there will be changes in the flight schedule and operating aircraft to certain destinations on the 8th and 9th of April due to technical reasons, the details of which are as follows:


WY812/A4ODG-A332 Departed BKK 1037 Local Time (-01:16hr behind schedule), ETA MCT 1641 Local Time
WY143 A332 DEP MCT 1740 Local Time (-15:35hrs behind schedule), ARR MXP 2250 Local Time
WY144 A332 DEP MXP 2350 Local Time (-10:00hrs behind schedule), ARR MCT 0810 Local Time /09TH APR-12
WY101 MCT/LHR now departing 15:00 arriving 20:05.
WY825 A333 DEP MCT 2310 Local ARR KUL 1010 Local/09APR, with possible aircraft change.
WY826 A333 DEP KUL 1125 Local ARR MCT 1355 Local, with possible aircraft change.
WY115-116 (local date) MCT-FRA-MCT - normal schedule timings, with possible aircraft change.



WY141 A332 DEP MCT 1400UTC(-04:40hrs behind schedule), ARR MXP 2105UTC
WY142 A332 DEP MXP 2205UTC(-02:20hrs behind schedule), ARR MCT 0425UTC/10APR-12
WY383 MCT/MLE, with possible aircraft change.
WY384 MLE/MCT, with possible aircraft change.
Changes in type of aircraft, if at all, will be communicated to passengers at check-in time.

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