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Due To Its consequence, Oman Air Sponsors a Seminar on Agriculture Sector Development and Organising Labour Market

Date: 12 Feb 2007

Oman Air, the national carrier of the Sultanate of Oman in its quest to contribute towards national causes, has under the royal directives of His Majesty The Sultan’s, participated in sponsoring the seminar on agriculture sector development and organising labour market held on February 10 to12 at the royal camp at Saih Al Rasiyat in the wilayat of Sumail. The Seminar seeks out identifying the challenges and hindrances facing this significant sector. Also intended at conserving water resources in order to attain sustainable development.

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Corporate communications and Media Department of Oman Air said that Oman’s agriculture has long been the basic of the nation's wealth. It has been the vein of life in Oman and still represents a significant amount of income for many people who live in this country. This important sector, which includes fisheries, is a labour intensive sector. A significant number of Omani populations are still engaged in the agricultural and fisheries industry, which remain to be important sources of income.

“Our participation signifies our national pledge towards the Government’s respected efforts in this regard. Agriculture is at subsistence level and represents one of the major sources of employment also continue to represent 70% of the country's non-oil exports. Investment in the agriculture achieves food security and social stability and still plays a fundamentally important role in the economic growth and development prospects of the vast majority of developing countries. In 1970 the Sultanate's economy was entirely based on agriculture and fisheries.” They added.

Corporate communications and Media Department of Oman Air Oman concluded verifying that the Sultanate continues to accomplish destinies in all spheres by enlightened leadership, and the willingness of the Omani people to partake in a national endeavor to raise their country's profile at home and abroad. The Sultanate initiatives in the agriculture sector have been appreciated by international organisations. The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) had praised the efforts of the Omani government in agriculture and fisheries sectors.  

The Sultanate of Oman joined the rest of the world in celebrating World Food Day, under the banner "Investing in Agriculture to realize Food Security". The day falls on October 16 every year on the occasion of the anniversary of establishing world Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) on October 17, 1945.

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