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The BBC Reviews Oman Air’s Future Growth In Its Middle East Business Report

Date: 5 Apr 2007

Corporate Communications and Media Department in Oman Air said that The Middle East Business Report, one of the business programmes on BBC World has recently interviewed Mr. Ziad Karim Al Haremi, Oman Air’s CEO.This has been the second such occasion. The programme covered the government's acquisition of a greater stake in Oman Air, which was the other side of the same story covered in the programme.

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“The interview enfolded many topics besides the future expansion strategies of Oman Air, which will also involve restructuring and re-branding the company. Also the carrier preparations to spread its wings far and wide, especially to long-haul destinations in Europe and the Far East, being fully prepare to face future requirements and challenges.” They added.

Corporate Communications and Media Department concluded saying that The Middle East Business Report is a weekly half-hour programme covering business issues from the region. Getting behind the issues of trade, business and economics, Middle East Business Report provides a window on finance and commerce in the Middle East, revealing how this important economic region works and interacts with the rest of the world. Their weekly reports broadcast on Saturdays at 0930 repeated: Saturdays at 1430, 2130 local time.

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