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Airline Operators Committee (Aoc) Presented Certificate Of Appreciation To Oas

Date: 22 Oct 2007

Airline Operators Committee has recently awarded Oman Aviation Services (Oman Air) with an Appreciation Certificate inrecognition of its outstanding customer services performance during 2006. The certificate was presented to Senior Manager Ground Operation, Mr. Mazen bin Seif Al Amad on behalf of Oman Aviation Services (Oman Air) whom in return presented the same to Oman Air CEO, Mr. Ziad bin Karim Al Haremi. The AOC Chairman and Emirates Airport Services Manager, Mr. Saiyed M. Abbas in the presence of AOC members stated that the challenges were enormous and airlines operating through Seeb International Airport were quite impressed on how Oman Aviation Services managed Ground Operation in Passenger and Ramp Services.

Boeing 737-800

AOC members who attended the ceremony indicated that Oman Aviation services displayed a commendable performance during the swift increase of traffic through Seeb International Airport last year. AOC Chairman Mr. Saiyed M. Abbas pointed out that it was a challenging change for Oman Aviation Services’ Ground Operation, hence the airlines operating through Seeb International Airport were fulfilled the way OAS managed Ground Operation in Passenger and Ramp Services areas  same wise.

Oman Air CEO thanked AOC’s Chairman and all members on behalf of Ground Operation, noting that he is delighted to have received such positive reception from its valued airlines customers. He said that this is yet an attainment, which will result in bringing further laurels and pride to all OAS Staff at Seeb International Airport.

He added that the unyielding and continuous support by AOC members to foster excellence in ground handling operation is greatly appreciated.

Mazen bin Seif Al Amad Senior Manager Ground Operation noted that this achievement has been accomplished due to the determined plans adopted by the company, in relation to furnishing the staff with the considered necessary skills, and through bring in the most advanced technologies. Creditable accomplishments would not have been possible without the help of our suppliers and strategic partners, and I would like to thank all our partners for their continued support towards our efforts to provide quality services and products,” he added.

Boeing 737-800

Corporate Communications and Media Department of Oman Air affirmed that the company’s focus today is on building a strong alliance between all sectors of our national economy in this era of globalization. While Oman has managed to carve out a particular place in the world of travel, tourism, and business, we now need to make certain that we stay in the lead, and the only way to do so is by focusing on quality and increasing our service standard. They concluded saying that IATA has recognized Oman Air as an accredited member of AHS 1000, for compliance with IATA/AHM 804 measurement of service delivery standards, noting that the company was the first ground handler in the Gulf region to achieve this recognition since 1997 and to uphold until date.

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