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2010: A Milestone in the Success Story of Oman Air

Date: 22 Feb 2011
Abdulrazaq Al Raisi
  • Cargo revenues increased by 238%
  • Air cargo increased by 99%
  • Revenues increased by 51%
  • Number of passengers increased by 38%
  • Passenger load factor grew by 11%

2010 exemplified Oman Air's greatest achievements in its history, resulting in outstanding performance in various areas of the Airline's business operations.

Commenting on the occasion, Abdulrazaq bin Juma Al Raisi, Chief Commercial Officer of Oman Air expressed, "The excellent results achieved by Oman Air during the past year highlight the various strategies put in place to ensure that targets are met."

He added, "Unlike other Airlines, Oman Air's business philosophy strives to continuously provide passengers a niche and luxurious experience, combining innovation and precision to the finest detail, and promising the highest standards of quality to ultimately exceed passenger expectations."

Oman Air

With nine new destinations launched in 2010, Oman Air now flies to 41 major cities, bridging Muscat to the economic and tourism centers of the world. Bolstering the bilateral ties between the Sultanate and the international community, Oman Air plans to further expand its fast-growing network and global reach in the coming year.

Al Raisi reiterated that despite intense competition with international and regional Airlines, the positive results attained can be attributed to the constructive and insightful feedback collected from passengers to enhance the Airline's reputation and services while maintaining the authentic spirit of the Omani heritage culture and hospitality.

Moreover, Al Raisi recognized the dedicated, qualified and well trained staff who assisted the Airline in building a distinct identity that continues to attract an ever-growing clientele base.

Oman Air

Al Raisi concluded, "On behalf of the Management Team, I would like to thank our passengers for their confidence in Oman Air. Our number one priority is to make Oman Air the airline of choice, offering luxury, comfort and convenience coupled with unmatched services and cutting edge technology and entertainment."

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