Special Meals

A selection of Special meals is available to accommodate any guests whom have specific medical or dietary needs , religious requirements or special requests.
The listing is in alignment with IATA standards and can be prepared with advance notification of 24 hrs – these must be requested by guests when making their reservation / booking.

Medical / Dietary Meals

AVML Vegetarian (Hindu)
Cheese, dairy products, fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices constitute the major ingredients used here, avoiding meat, poultry, shellfish and fish.
BLML Bland Meal
For those who need to avoid spicy food, this option will include lightly poached / steamed poultry or fish together with fresh vegetables.
DBML Diabetic
A meal low in fat but relatively high in unrefined carbohydrates, consisting of lean meat, fresh vegetables and pasta or rice.
GFML Gluten Intolerant
Foods such as bread, cakes, pastries and pies will not be served, although gluten free bread is offered.
LCML Low Calorie
A balanced portion of protein is provided by a lean meat or fish entrée, supported with pasta or rice and whole meal bread.
LFML Low Fat
No fatty or fried foods are served, and lean meat, white beans, pulses and fresh vegetables are among the principal ingredients.
LSML Low Sodium (Salt) Avoiding most processed food products, including bread, this meal may consist of meat, poultry or fish, flavored with herbs and spices to compensate for the lack of salt flavouring.
NLML Low Lactose
Excluding dairy products and processed foods, ingredients here major on fresh meat, fish and poultry together with fresh vegetables and fruits.
VGML Vegetarian (Vegan)
Fresh vegetables, pulses, pasta and nuts will form the basis of this meal, avoiding meat, poultry, fish and dairy products.
VLML Vegetarian (Lacto - Ovo)
Avoiding meat, poultry, shellfish and fish, the meal will contain dairy products, fruit , vegetables and nuts.
VOML Vegetarian (Oriental)
Vegetarian meal similar to VGML but prepared in the Chinese style of cooking.

Religious Meals

MOML Moslem Meal
All food supplied for our flight are '‘halal' and there is no need to request a Moslem meal.
HNML Hindu
Beef and veal products are avoided in these meals, generally meals are prepared using lamb, chicken and other meats, enhanced by the use of spices.
VJML Vegetarian (Jain)
Vegetarian meals prepared in an Indian style and to strict Jain customs.

Special Meals

BBML Baby Meal
Pureed fruits, vegetables, meats, desserts suitable for infants.
CHML Child Meal
Attractive, bite-size items are supplied, nutritionally balanced and avoiding ingredients that could upset a child's digestion.
FPML Fruit Platter
Freshly prepared fruits - oranges, apple, melon, pineapple, grapes, figs, strawberries etc.
RVML Raw Vegetable
Suitable for vegetarians who require only a combination of raw fruits & vegetables.

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