- Emergency Medical Assistance related to being diagnosed with COVID-19, covering the medical expenses for the treatment, medication, repatriation assistance and quarantine accommodation costs.
- The medical expenses limits are up to 120,000€ in addition to 1,400€ for quarantine accommodation expenses. Please refer to terms and conditions here.
- No, you will not be covered for the cost of PCR tests.
- Yes, please refer to the fill terms and conditions here.
- Subscription is not required, you will be automatically covered when you have a valid E-ticket from Oman Air and used the first sector of your Oman Air ticket.
- No, you are covered wherever you travel, outside your home country – which is the country where you reside more than 180 days per year.
-This cover is valid for 31 days from the first day of your journey.
- Yes, cover will be valid up to 31 days after your arrival to your destination.
- Yes, you will be covered for 31 days if you continue your journey by car, train or flight to another country outside your home country.
You will be covered if you bought your ticket from Oman Air - whether on omanair.com or via a travel agent. You will qualify for the COVID-19 Assistance whether your flight was operated by Oman Air or by one of our codeshare partners. If you purchased your ticket from another airline or a codeshare partner airline, you will not be covered.
-No age restrictions for this cover
- No, please contact Oman Air COVID-19 Assistance team and they will arrange for the medical assistance service.
- If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 during your trip, you have to contact Oman Air COVID-19 Travel Assistance as soon as possible:
Call: +971 42708705
WhatsApp: +971 56 3589937
Email: COVID19assistance@nextcarehealth.com
The Medical services which have not been organized by Oman Air COVID-19 Assistance which is managed by NEXTCARE Claims Management LLC (NEXtCARE) will not be reimbursed.
- Yes you must obtain pre-approval from Oman Air COVID-19 Assistance team.
- The following documents are mandatory to avail the cover:
a) Your E-Ticket and Boarding pass
b) Passport, including residency page, if applicable
c) COVID-19 positive test result dated after the date of departure
d) Your contact details
It is mandatory to contact Oman Air COVID-19 Assistance Team immediately in case you tested positive for COVID-19.
- NEXtCARE who will be arranging assistance and handling your claims. Oman Air may also share some of your details to NEXtCARE in order to verify your identity and dates of travel.
- No, cover extension is not possible for this cover

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