Plan Your Travel

A complete and comprehensive travel plan will help you to enjoy your travel whether for leisure or business. We suggest you to consider the following:-

  • Political, cultural and economic conditions of the countries to which you will be traveling.
  • Please check with Embassies of the countries you would be visiting on Passport validity, Visa, vaccinations and any other requirements.
  • Arrange for air travel, surface travel and hotel bookings.
  • Keep a photocopy of your passport separate from original and leave another copy with someone at home with all your travel plan details.
  • Obtain health, travel insurance plans if required. Carry proof of insurance coverage, contacts of your insurer.

Making Reservation

  • We suggest you to make your reservations well in advance of your travel date.
  • On this web you can search for convenient flight schedule, special offers, make your flight reservation, issue Electronic Ticket instantly, view your itinerary, print, add to calendar and get updated information.
  • You can also visit Oman Air Reservation Offices, call Contact Centre on +968-24531111 or visit your travel agent to make your flight reservation.
  • At the time of reservation, you can request for time limit to purchase the ticket. Reservations not ticketed within the time limit specified will be automatically cancelled.
  • Make sure you request for your preference of meal, seat, assistance required while traveling with infant, children, elderly, patients, expectant mothers in order to help us to serve you better.
  • We provide special services to physically challenged, expectant mothers, patients in wheelchair, stretcher, unaccompanied minor child etc. Please inform Reservations staff while making your reservations.
  • Obtain a booking reference/record locator/travel booking details from reservations staff.
  • Quoting booking reference while ticketing, changing/modifying your reservations helps us to locate your booking quickly.
  • We bring to your kind attention our Conditions of Contract of Carriage and other notices, detailing your right to be carried on a flight or series of flights and governing terms and conditions of the contract.
  • Please provide your contacts in origin city as well as destination city. It will help us to contact you incase needed. A mobile number is preferred for us to contact you through Short Messaging Service as well.

Web Booking With Credit/Debit Card

If you have used our web booking facility and a credit/debit card for payment:-

  • You are required to carry the card used for purchase of tickets and produce for airport check-in, amendment in ticket or processing a refund.
  • If your tickets were purchased by a friend/relative/family member and cardholder is not travelling together, then carry photocopy of the both sides of the card with an authorization letter duly signed by card holder. Specimen copy of the letter is available for download
  • Oman Air reserves the right to deny boarding for failing to comply with these requirements, without liability to Oman Air what so ever.


  • If you have made reservation through Oman Air Reservation Offices, Contact Centre on +968-24531111 or with your travel agent, please ensure that you purchase the ticket within the specified time limit.
  • Failure to purchase the tickets within prescribed ticketing time limit, will result in automatic cancelation of the reservation and no further claims can be entertained in this regard.

Electronic Ticketing

  • Oman Air and our interline partner carriers can now issue a single electronic ticket for a journey with any of these carriers to any destination spread across the world. In Germany you can also "Rail & Fly" using the same Electronic Ticket. However, Rail and Fly ticket is not included for bookings made via Oman Air website.
  • Click here for the present list of interline partners. Please check with the Reservations staff for any other airline you are looking for as we are adding more and more interline partners.
  • With the Oman Air Electronic Ticket, all your ticketing information is stored securely in the Oman Air database and you will never be able to misplace it like the earlier paper ticket.
  • With E-ticket, you have added advantage of eliminating a visit to Oman Air/ your travel agent office to collect the ticket. A saving in travel & time involved to pick up the ticket, while you are getting ready to fly.
  • You can also buy a ticket for your family or friend for their travel originating from another city.
  • Incase you wish to modify or exchange an E-ticket, please call the office from where the tickets was purchased.
  • While at airport check-in, for your own security, we request you to produce a photo identification issued by government authorities such as Passport, Resident ID card, Driving License.

Cancellations, Refunds

  • Unused tickets can be cancelled and exchanged for another ticket or refunded. Cancellation fee / administrative charges may be applied depending upon ticketing rules. All paper tickets needs to be returned back to Oman Air issuing office physically.
  • To refund/exchange electronic ticket customers are required to produce valid photo identification of the passenger named in the ticket.
  • Oman Air reserves the right to refund only to the person who originally paid for the ticket and in the same form of payment used for purchase of ticket.
  • Lost paper tickets may be refunded subject to certain conditions. Please contact the issuing office in this regard.

Your Baggage

  • For safety reasons dangerous articles such as Compressed gases, Corrosives, Etiologic agents, Explosives, Flammable liquids and solids, Radio-active materials, Oxidizing materials, Poisons and other articles such as mercury, magnetized material, Illegal Drugs and Narcotics, offensive and irritating material shall not be packed in Checked or Hand baggage. You may please check with Oman Air office if you need to clarify on any item that needs to be carried.
    Click here to view restricted articles
  • Certain items are dutiable or banned from being imported to the country of your destination or being exported from your travel origin city. Please check with the concerned Embassies, government web site, and airport web sites for updates in this regard.
  • The maximum accepted weight for any single piece of baggage is 32 kilos. Also total dimensions for checked bags may not exceed 74 inches (add length + width + height). Bags greater than these size/ weight may require special handling and should be shipped as cargo.
  • Baggage in excess of free baggage allowance mentioned in ticket will be subject to additional charges and needs to be paid at the time of check-in.
  • Hand baggage in the cabin is limited to bags smaller then 24cm X 41 cm X 51 cm and maximum weight of 7 kilos.
  • Oman Air for security reasons reserves the right to refuse carriage of any person suspected of carrying restricted articles.
  • If there are any medications you take on a regular basis, pack them in sufficient quantity. They may or may not be available in destination. Incase they are restricted medicines (barbiturates, sedatives) make sure you carry a written medical approval, to avoid any complications with authorities.
  • Passengers are kindly advised to ensure that:
    • You pack your bag yourself and keep it locked in your custody until you hand over the bag to the airport staff.
    • Do not entrust your baggage to any individual with whom you are not closely acquainted with, from the time you pack your bag until your arrival at the airport.
    • Do not accept for carriage, any parcels or packages from any individual not traveling together with you.
    • Ensure that you are aware of the contents of all packages/parcels carried by you in your baggage.
    • Ensure that you do not carry any prohibited items (items that could be security/safety hazards) in your baggage.
    • Affix name tags/labels to your baggage with your name and address correctly written therein.
    • Your passport, travel documents are not in your checked baggage.


Security Regulations

Certain countries make it mandatory for all airlines including Oman Air to grant access to Law Enforcement Agencies, Customs, Immigration and other Border Control Agencies for passenger information and data. Accordingly, any information Oman Air holds about you and your travel arrangements may be disclosed to such agencies.

Cancellations, Refunds

  • Online Check-in is a new service extended by Oman Air. The service is available from all the destinations of Oman Air network except Chittagong.
  • Customers can check-in for a pre-booked flight by logging to On completion of the check-in process, Boarding Pass will be generated and will be printed to a printer connected to your computer. Alternatively if you do not have a printer, you can still Check-in online and we will print boarding pass at the airport.
  • Online Check-in service can be availed 24 hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight. The service will close 90 minutes before the scheduled departure time. You can check-in for the return journey as well if the flight is within this time window.
  • We will display the aircraft seating plan and you can select your preferred seat if available, check-in for Oman Air connecting flights, return flight as well if it is scheduled to depart within 24 hours.
  • After the Boarding Pass is issued, if you have to change your travel plan please call the local airline office / airport office to cancel the boarding pass. You will not be able to modify / cancel the Boarding Pass from
  • Proceed to airport with ample time considering the traffic congestion and your mode of travel, baggage screening, check-in baggage, immigration and enhanced airport security measures.
  • At each airport where Online Check-in service is available, dedicated Online Check-in counter is setup for your convenience. Counter staff will record your arrival in airport, complete the security and document verification formalities and stamp the boarding pass. Checked baggage if any will be tagged and receipt will be provided by the staff.
  • The Online check-in counter will close one hour before the scheduled departure time of the flight.
  • Failure to report within this time will result in cancellation of your boarding pass issued and denial to board the flight. We carry out this procedure to ensure that the flight departs on time and passengers waiting in the Queue are accommodated.
  • You will have to carry a photo ID such as Passport, Driving License, National Identity Card, Resident Card to identify yourselves. Credit card used to purchase the ticket will have to be produced for verification. Incase Credit Card holder is not traveling please obtain an authority letter from the card holder along with the photocopy of card on both sides, masking the CVV number for your own security.
  • On completion of the formalities, proceed through immigration and security. The boarding gate will close 30 minutes before schedule departure and you will not be able to board the flight thereafter. Note that immigration and security counters may be congested; boarding gate may be far away in the terminal, requiring considerable time to reach the boarding gate.